Q: When I use SQL+ datasource (SQL Server 2005), if I export a dataset into shp format file, and then import the shp file again, the number of objects of the imported shp file will be 0 and the output window prompts "Terminated caused by dataset append exception." What would be the reason for this error? I have modified the host name once. Will this be the reason for the error?

A: The reason for this problem is that the connection to the server was not updated with the server name. 

The solution for this problem is: log in to the server, and execute the following two lines of commands in the query window:

(1)sp_dropserver ‘oldComputerName’ 

(2)sp_addserver ‘newComputerName’,local ; 

Restart SQL service.

08 July,2019
Tags: iDesktop

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