Q: How can I migrate data in the oracle database to other machines?

A: 1. Migrate through file datasource: Copy datasets in the Oracle datasource to a file datasource, copy the file datasource to the target machine, and then copy datasets from the file datasource to the target Oracle datasource. 

2. Migrate through Oracle commands: Export all data for users corresponding to the Oracle datasource into dmp, and then import the dmp on the target machine. 

The import and export commands are as follows: 

exp nvsgis (user name) /nvsgis (password) @nvsgis (Oracle instance name)  file=/home/oracle/nvsgis.dmp (path of the export file)  owner=nvsgis (tablespace name)  grants=Y indexes=Y compress=Y rows=Y; 

imp nvsgis (user name) /nvsgis (password) @Orcl (Oracle instance name, can be any) file=/home/oracle/nvsgis.dmp (path of the import file)  fromuser=nvsgis (name of exported tablespace)  touser=nvsgis (tablespace imported)  rows=Y indexes=Y ignore=Y.

08 July,2019
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