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SuperMap iServer 7C has been released

2014-4-21  China

SuperMap iDesktop 7C has been released

2014-1-7  China

Fruitful Business Trip to Turkey

2013-12-13  Turkey

India Geospatial Forum 2013

22-24 Janaury, 2013-Hyderabad, India

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SuperMap GIS is a complete integration of a series of GIS platform software, including Desktop GIS, Service GIS, Component GIS and Mobile GIS, which delivers GIS capabilities to all types of computers, including Desktop PCs, Servers and Mobile devices. It fulfills the needs for managing, visualizing and analyzing spatial data... More... Distributor Wanted Worldwide...
Products specially designed for setting up GIS servers to serve your data and share your GIS capabilities out via web in a fast, standard and reliable way. It also provides multiple SDKs for GIS developers and programmers to quickly customize their own Web GIS applications (B/S structure), including Web Controls, AjaxControls, Scripts, Silverlight, Flex, etc. More...
Java Based Enterprise Service GIS
.NET Based Enterprise Service GIS
Web SDKs for customizing Rich Internet GIS Applications
Products specially designed for GIS developers and programmers who want to quickly customize their own Desktop GIS applications (C/S structure). It provides all the general GIS modules with industrial standard components including COM, .NET and Java and comes with detailed programming reference book and a rich collection of sample codes. More...
COM-based Component GIS
Pure .NET Component GIS
Pure Java Component GIS
Products designed for any GIS users regardless casual mapmaker or a seasonal professionals. It's a ready and easy-to-use GIS software in Microsoft Office style, and provides all the general desktop GIS functions like data authoring, thematic mapping and advanced spatial data analysis. More...
Professional and All-in-one Desktop GIS
New Generation .NET based Desktop GIS
Products that specially designed for field survey, intelligent transportation, precise agriculture, facility inspection, etc. It provides a ready-to-use mobile Desktop GIS as well as the SDK for customizing such applications and especially car navigation applications. More...
A suit of AIR mobile secondary development package
Component GIS development platform