Gas Pipe network GIS of Tanggu District, Tianjin

Tanggu Gas Company was founded in 1985, and the underground pipes managed by the company have reached more than 6000 kilometers, which is used to serve 160,000 users in Tanggu district of Tianjin. The company has thousands of different scale paper maps of the pipes, as the quick development of Tanggu district, the coverage of gas pipes is increasingly wide, the situation of the pipes are more changeful. They need an easy and efficient way to organize and manage the pipes.


Before adopting GIS system, when an accident happened, the company personnel searched related pipe maps manually, which took much time and the repair work always delayed. Meanwhile, it is hard to find the reason that lead to the accident, the repair workers often work long hours to find the sticking point. The gas pipes changes frequently, the paper map updates hard, so the pipe paper map cannot reflect the reality at most situations. The gas company needs to increase their efficiency and improve their service ability.


The Tanggu Gas Company turned to SuperMap, and they wanted to build gas pipe network GIS system. SuperMap helped them develop the system, the system uses digital map as the base spatial data, in assist of spatial distribution information of pipe network and the attribute information, and the system can perform management, query, statistics and analysis on the data, and help making decisions on planning, management and assignment.

The system was developed based on SuperMap Objects, and adopts C/S structure. All the pipe maps can be browsed and managed in the system, when new pipe is built or rebuilt, it can be easily drawn and edit. If needed, any pipe map can be printed and also by rendering maps in different styles, one can pinpoint certain pipes which match certain criteria.

The technical staff can gain a better understanding of where the break points lie in by performing whole and part connectivity analysis; various professional analysis modeling can be carried out, for example, exploding pipe analysis helps find all the valves that connected with the exploding point, the pipes influenced by the exploding and the users affected. Profile function helps the company to generate profile map according to specified position.

The system is able to perform facility attribute management, including the attribute information of gas pipes, valves, pressure adjusting facilities etc., the information can be edit manually or modified in batch mode. In addition, there is large amount of digital documentation ever since the building of the gas pipe network, to accommodate this, the system provides the function of importing various image materials, project document to the system, and integrating dispersed documentation, and query can be performed by time or classification. The gas customers�information can also be queried on the system. Different levels of query can be performed, from coarse to fine. The query result can be printed, exported and output as report.


By building the gas pipe network GIS system, the executives of the company can get timely and reliable pipe data, so that they can make informed decision rapidly based on the reliable information. The pipe network resources can be better deployed, and the quick and efficient handling of accident now can be achieved, which avoid the mistakes that may easily made by human. The query, statistics and analysis services provided by the system helps the planning of pipe network, reduces the harmful gas releasing, meanwhile, the customers are better served.

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