Hangzhou Real Estate Management System

Hangzhou is the capital of Zhejiang province, China. As one of the most renowned and prosperous cities of China, Hangzhou is well-known for its beautiful natural scenery. As a famous saying goes, (Paradise in the sky, Suzhou and Hangzhou on the earth) Favorable natural environment attracts people from all over China to live there, which accelerates the real estate development of Hangzhou. The municipal government felt a great challenge in real estate management, and the previous management system cannot accommodate the growing real estate industries.


Hangzhou is now called costly paradise?in real estate field. For the citizens in Hangzhou, whether can afford a house is a big problem, but compared to that, the problem of house purchasing process is bigger, it is really cumbersome and time-consuming. The annual trade amount of real estate in Hangzhou is up to tens of thousands, and the citizens need to queue and wait for their turn to conduct house trade. The government also felt a lot pressure in processing real estate trades, as huge trade amount gave them heavy work burden. The Hangzhou Real Estate Management Bureau searched for an efficient solution to transact huge amount of trade, and the citizens called for an easy and quick way to get house property certificates.


The Hangzhou real estate management bureau called for bid to build a powerful and efficient real estate management. SuperMap proposed its real estate management system solution, and they are very satisfied with the solution. SuperMap got the bid. With the effort of SuperMap experts, the new real estate management system now solved the problem which has bothered Hangzhou citizens and government many years.

The system integrates map, file and documentation, and implements app managing house mode. The main feature of the system is it implements our integrations that is, integration of all transactions; integration of GIS, MIS, OA and CAD; integration of data, integration of internal transaction management and external services.

As the real estate needs workflow, collaboration and often changes, the system employs OA technology with workflow, and all the processes including registering and transacting, verifying and approving, result issuing, profile query, statistical analysis etc. can be performed in the unique network system. The integrated real estate system has the functionalities of real estate market management, removal management, property management, housing reform policy, termite prevention and treatment, house appraisement, house mapping and survey, with the real estate trade management as the key function.

By the sharing of data, not only the staff in real estate agency can access and perform transaction even remotely, the citizens can view the progress of the transaction, submit application and do other related operations. Also the leaders can make decision based on the dynamic statistics of real estate information and the analysis performed by the system, so that they can serve the public better.


Now the Hangzhou citizens do not need to spend a lot of their time to drop in on different government agencies to do the transactions, the burden of the real estate departments has been eased, all they need to do is to click their mouse buttons, type some words in front of their computers, and the work efficiency has been increased dramatically, but the public are very satisfied with their work and efficiency. According to Chaoyang Zhong, the director of City Information Center of Hangzhou Real Estate Management Bureau, SuperMap's one-stop, user-friendly interface has helped us build a highly effective Real Estate management system.

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