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SuperMap Facility Management System


SuperMap Facility Management System is an application platform can be used in various facility resource management situations as well as facility resource information publication based on Internet, which is developed based on years of experience on facility management systems of multiple fields. This platform is built based on SuperMap GIS product series, takes fixed facility resource data models and application models in a variety of industries into account, at the same time, adopts distributed framework. The users can customize facility resource management systems required by different industries to perform visible management and analysis of facility resources and integrate with enterprise application system.

The facility resources can be divided into public fundamental facility and enterprise facility according to its belonging; also can be classified into electricity, communication, water supply and drainage, heating supply and gas supply pipe systems and transportation systems with affiliated facilities according to industries and facility features, these facility resources are all distributed spatially, and need to presented through spatial and attribute data. GIS technology along with the digital map manner to visually mange and analyze these facility resources is the key to efficiently mange and take full advantage of the facility resources, thus, the management of planning, building, running and maintenance of facility resources can be well performed.

The SuperMap facility management system can be used to develop specific applications such as railway, road and transportation facility, electricity, communication, water supply and drainage, heating supply and gas supply pipe facility system, as well as comprehensive facility management system which integrate enterprise pipe network, production equipment, building and other related information to perform facility and property management and can be integrated with enterprise ERP system seamlessly.

The Organization of Facility Resource Management System

The whole system can be divided into four levels, including RDBMS, SuperMap GIS platforms, facility resource application platform, industry application. The facility resource management of various industries can be built based on these fundamental platforms.

The Organization of Facility Resource Management System

System Features

The system has the following features:

Developing environment: Adopts SuperMap GIS product series ad GIS fundamental software platform, and supports SQL Server 2000 or Oracle 9i, Sybase to manage spatial and non-spatial data uniformly.

System structure: The facility resource management system can employ C/S or B/S structure. The C/S structure system can be used to update and maintain facility resource data, as well as manage and maintain the system. The B/S structure system adopts Web technology, can query, browse and analyze facility resource information (including graphics and attribute information) on client-side through IE.

System expansibility: The platform system makes use of level design and component design to make sure the system to be expansible and upgradable. Metadata function is also included to implement the self-description of spatial resource, so that the application system can access spatial data and attribute data transparently to facilitate expansion of system data. In addition, the deployment of the database on server-side and map server is transparent to make the expansion and increasing of performance easier.

Distributed structure: As for the large-scale enterprise facilities are distributed, the platform provides distributed structure to implement uniform management and applied and maintained independently. The system can be deployed with multiple structures such as unique node, unique center with multiple nodes, multiple center with multiple nodes, to that the enterprise can maintain multiple nodes of the facility resources, at the same time, transfer the facility resources of multiple nodes to the center node to implement integrative management of all facility resources. The unique center with multiple nodes structure is shown below.


System security: The system security can be divided into system function authority and system resource authority, by adopting role mechanism, and it makes the management and authorization of function authority and resource authority convenient. Meanwhile, in the distributed application, each application node possess it own authority definition function.

System Software Configuration

System server

The graphics and attribute database stored in server has high accessibility. Considering the security and reliability of the data, it is suggested that the server can be configured as following:
- The main frequency of CPU in the server should be Intel Xeon 1GHz, and double CPU configuration is recommended; The memory is above 1G; 100/1000 self-adapt Ethernet network card.
- Operating system: Microsoft Windows 2003 Enterprise Edition;
- Database: Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition;
- Web server adopts Internet Information System (IIS) 6.0;
- GIS server software adopts SuperMap IS.

System client-side requirement

- CPU main frequency needs to be Intel Pentium ?000MHz or above; memory should be 128G or above; 100/1000 self-adapt Ethernet network card.
- Operating system can be Microsoft Windows 98/2000/XP/2003, and above Microsoft 2000 is recommended.
- Web browser: Internet Explorer 6.0 and above is better.

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