Real Estate Management

SuperMap Real Estate Information System


SuperMap Real Estate Information System (SuperMap RIS) is developed by SuperMap Software Co., Ltd. cooperating with Hangzhou Real Estate Management Bureau. This system adopts SuperMap GIS product series, support multiple large-scale relational database such as Oracle, SQL Server, and server-side supports Windows/Unix/Linux operating systems.

System Organization

The system has 10 application sub systems, including property right, trade, marketing, removal, property management, real estate reform, real fund, white ant prevention and cure, security appraisal, real estate surveying and mapping, archive management and administration etc., and is a comprehensive real estate solution for real estate management departments.

System Framework

System Features

In the system, all the data of different sub systems is fused in uniform data platform, so that business information and graphics information can be associated and access each other to implement uniform management. Besides, as web business query and processing can be done on Internet, the real-time data can be shared.

The real estate surveying and mapping system with GIS as the core not only implements intelligent apportionment and automatic measuring, but also implements one-stop real estate data generating and storing into database, thereby it can be integrated with information system seamlessly.

GIS application as the core, while graphics, attributes, archive are managed integratively.

Integrated GIS, MIS and OA, the business processing is intelligentized.

Adopts component design and workflow technology, and the system is flexible and customized.

Supports scanner and digital camera during business handling process, and the digital image can be called and viewed in the subsequent examining and approval period to achieve no-paper official business handling. The system can perform pigeonholing operation such as generating volume category, generating archive cover etc. to obtain digital archive automatically when pigeonholing businesses according to the requirement of archive management. The archive can be viewed according to secret level and authority, so that the archive can be shared in the system.

Software configuration

The suggested software configuration based on SuperMap products is shown below:

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