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SuperMap Public Service system


The SuperMap Public Service System is a web digital map public service solution with high feasibility, expansibility and integration, which is developed by SuperMap based on years of experience and expertise in building e-government system and public service system. The system is based on SuperMap Internet GIS platform SuperMap IS, with multiple industries application models, which are called industrial middleware, such as urban construction, park greenery, police and transportation, business and travel, real estate information service and related application development templates, and can provide the end users and developers with rapid, high stability, integrated digital map application services.

Middleware Structure

The SuperMap PSS has encapsulated multiple web digital map service industrial middleware, and the industrial web service templates can be developed based on these middleware, so that the development period of webGIS can be reduced and the development will be easier.

System Framework and Structure


Technical Features

Zero development: Developers may not need to write any code, just need to save the map data that will be adopted in the application system as thematic map in SuperMap Deskpro following SuperMap specific format standard, and perform the visible design of user interface and function expansion using system configure management background tool, then a complete map application system is done rapidly.

Client-side development mode - template: When the system background management tool can not be customized according to application needs, the developers can expand and develop new functions while inheriting the original client-side template functions.

Programming language:
The system provides two series of middleware, both Microsoft ASP and ASP .NET. The users can choose the development middleware platform according to the needs.

Main Application Field

Urban Integrated Geographic Information System: Integrate the business resources from different government departments with multi-precision, multi-temporal fundamental geographic data to build the integrated application platform based on GIS. On the integrated platform, the developers can develop professional applications serve different departments, such as park greenery management, municipal facility management, public query service system etc.

Police Geographic Information System:
This kind of system is based on detailed urban geographic information and humanity information, combined with city highway, public transportation information, and integrated with police business database such as criminal case information, permanent residents and temporary residents�information etc., and can help decision-making to increase case handling efficiency and the whole battle effectiveness. The system can also provide full view of each transport cross and the transportation indication sign query management to help transportation management departments make decisions.

Real Estate Information Query Digital Map Service: Combine the apartment information, real estate agency information with the location of real estate, the system can provide multiple query modes (for example, apartment pattern, price, etc.), and the real estate information can be published through internet rapidly.

Recommended System Configuration

As the data is processed on the server side, so the configuration of application server is very important. Generally, the following software and hardware configuration is recommended.

1. Software platform configuration

Software category
Server operating system Windows Server 2000 Windows 2003 Server is recommended.
Windows 2003 Server
Client-side operating system Windows platform + IE 5.5 and above  
Database management system Oracle 8i and above or SQL Server 2000 and above  
Digital map editing software SuperMap Deskpro 5.0 or SuperMap Express 5.0 Spatial data processing and building.

2. System hardware configuration

Hardware category
CPU Above 2.5G, double Xeon processor  
Memory Above 2.5GB At least above 1G
Hard disk Hardware/matrix: 80G SCSI * 4 RAID 5  
Network card 10/100M double network card  
Display card 128M display memory, true color display card Display card integrated with main board works, but the display memory should be at lease 2M.

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