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Municipality is the most important governing level for any country. It's the basic unit for serving the people and organizations. GIS has a relatively longer history in municipality than in some other new areas. Because of this, many municipalities are still using very old GIS solutions. The modern municipality GIS is developing towards web, integration and 3D. Based on the rich and pioneer practice in China, Japan and Sweden, SuperMap developed the latest Municipality GIS Solutions based on our latest SuperMap GIS platforms. Furthermore, we customize it to meet the European Municipalities' challenges and requirements better.

Challenges and Requirements

Integrate data from multiple sources

There are more than 10 different databases containing real-estate information, tax information, inhabitants' information, road network, traffic data, school information, environmental information, etc.

Integrate data cross GIS platforms

There might be many different GIS data created by different software, sometime in file formats, such as tab, mif, shape files, converges, dwg, etc., sometime in databases, such as Oracle Spatial, ArcSDE, etc. All those GIS/CAD data need to be integrated into SuperMap.

Many municipalities are still using the old C/S GIS which needs installations on every user's computer. It costs more money for each more installation. For some other municipalities although a Web GIS already adopted, it is slow and lack of functions.

High TCO

For most of the municipalities who fail to adopt the other GIS solutions or don't want to adopt new GIS solutions, one big challenge is that the total cost of ownership (TCO) is too high to afford. This situation is even worse during the economic crisis nowadays.

Hard to use and maintain

There are still few people using GIS in most of the municipalities because they don't have much knowledge and experiences with GIS. The entrance barrier for both the user and system administrators needs to be lowered.

Hard to extend

A real practical Municipality GIS shall not be built at one time. It shall be built from step to step and able to be extended from time to time. The extension work shall be easy, smooth and low cost.

Key Features and Advantages

Easy to integrate data from multiple sources

The SuperMap SDX+ technology embedded in the SuperMap GIS platforms makes it easy and flexible to integrate multiple sources data from different databases without any middleware. There are also some hands-on data integration tools and services developed based on the European standards and ICT environment.

Desiged for SOA

The SuperMap Service GIS technology is designed completely for SOA. It can not only publish services through standard web or OGC services, but also have strong ability to aggregate 3rd party standard services cross platforms.

Fully based on Web

SuperMap Municipality GIS is powered by SuperMap IS .NET, the high performance and powerful
Web GIS platform, and fully designed for Web. There is no plug-in or client installation needed
for the client users. It supports multiple and intelligent cache which make it high performance with many concurrent users.

FONT face=Verdana>Easy to use and maintain

The user interface is specially customized for users even without GIS experience. It闂佺偨鍎查悰?easy and cheap to be used by more users. All the maintenance work is in the server side so it闂佺偨鍎查悰?much easier to maintain and upgrade.

Detachable assembly framework

The SuperMap Municipality GIS defines a detachable assembly framework. SuperMap will continuously developing more modules and make it available for all municipalities. The System administrators even without much programming experience can plug or unplug services through some easy configuration operations.

Low TCO and high cost effectiveness

GIS software, application development, server architecture, standard solutions, no matter from
which perspective, SuperMap Municipality GIS is a cost effective solution and greatly lower the TCO for every municipality user.

Successful Story

In Sweden, the SuperMap Municipality GIS is named Phoenix. It is now successfully implemented in 3 municipalities, solving the major demands for the internal web. The external solution also will be implemented in 2010. The nternal and external web in combination will give the municipalities a powerful tool for a real 7*24 government service for the people.

The existing installations are now running together with AutoCAD, MapInfo nd ESRI products in Microsoft, Oracle and Oracle spatial environments. hoenix is working as a web-based map engine and as a full tool taking are of real-estate query, road network and all inhabitants' data. More data nd functions for external and internal use are continuously added to the ystem.

Phoenix has given the users more functions and less cost and have a lot of nstallations coming up.

Phoenix version 2.0 is now under development and will contain more eatures as online editing, 3D and network analysis without client nstallations or plug-ins. The use of Silverlight, Ajax and Flex will allow a wide ange of new functions in phoenix.

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