What is SuperMap Online?

SuperMap Online ( a leading online GIS cloud service platform, dedicating to optimizing the hardware, software, data, development and deployment in GIS construction, providing one-stop online GIS cloud service, making cloud GIS simple and convenient. Users can create maps and develop GIS functions using SuperMap Online without charge or experiences.


Why SuperMap Online?

To construct online GIS application, constructing servers that have GIS service abilities is the priority. There might be the processes like finding the machine room, installing equipment, deploying system, purchasing and deploying GIS software and fixing the network, which will cost a lot and takes long time. Except the above method, users also can use universal public cloud services, directly rent the cloud mainframe, however, just having cloud mainframe is not sufficient, also needs to purchase and deploy GIS environment. It takes weeks to construct the GIS servers.

SuperMap Online will save the cost of hardware servers, GIS software environment, network, security, maintenance, helping users to easily step over the boundaries professionalism of GIS construction.
SuperMap Online provides GIS cloud mainframes that can be rented by needs and multiple configuration level, with embedded GIS server. In this way, preparing the GIS cloud mainframe only takes a few of hours. Based on the GIS data hosting of SuperMap Online, developers only need to upload GIS data for publishing GIS services which takes only minutes, instantly using API to do the secondary development. This online development method is economic and convenient, which directly use the shared mainframe and internet, no need to concern the deployment or maintenance.

From the above comparisons, we can see the GIS application development based on SuperMap Online costs less and the preparation time has decreased from months, weeks to hours and minutes, realizing quick construction of GIS applications.

SuperMap Online Modules

1.       GIS cloud mainframe: hardware + software + configuration + deployment

    • Integrated GIS server software and other extensible modules;
    • Rent mode, pay what you need, extend the configuration with needs;
    • Remote management, no need to worry about maintenance, cloud mainframe monitoring and alarming.  

2.       Data service: GIS data distribution + publishing + configuration

    • No need to worry about environment of hardware and software, one-button to publish data as REST service;
    • Cloud management, any-time synchronization;
    • Online map outputting, massive querying, any-time view and manage data;
    • Address matching.

3.       Online mapping

    • Based on hosted data, multiple based maps are supported;
    • No need to purchase professional tools, easy to get the colorful and professional effect.

4.       API: Personalized customized tool

Provides development tools like Web API, JavaScript API and iConnector, etc.


How to use SuperMap Online?

SuperMap Online provides 500MB free space, you just need a few of steps to start online GIS development without experience. Clear an example using GIS data hosting:

Step 1: Upload GIS data, publish data as map service  

Step 2: Based on map service to create a map online (Optional)  

Step 3: Secondary development based on online API, embedding map into webpage.


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