SuperMap has been innovating its technologies to improve the performance of its GIS products, and 'Cloud-terminal integration GIS', '2D/3D integration GIS' and 'Cross-platform GIS' are the three key technologies that are implemented in the current SuperMap GIS 8C products.

  • Cloud-terminal Integration GIS

Cloud GIS is the inevitable trend in the development of geographic technology. SuperMap has built the Cloud-terminal integration GIS technical system including intensive GIS cloud, diversified GIS terminals, and integrated GIS system.

Intensive GIS cloud provides and manages GIS services, based on key techniques which include high performance cross platform, microkernel multi-process, multi-level intelligent cluster, distributed parallel caching, parallel spatial analysis, heterogeneous cloud environment operation and maintenance. This is done to realize the intensive use of the computing resources and provide high availability of GIS service.

Diversified terminals use the unified service interface to connect the GIS cloud services, and realize GIS application development and GIS resources access by different terminals, and provide multiple GIS SDKs in PC, web and mobile to integrate with common applications.

This integrated GIS system achieves high-efficiency interconnection and a cooperative GIS application model on the cloud side through online collaboration based on portal, Geo-CDN acceleration, 2D and 3D caching, service aggregation technologies.

Based on Cloud-terminal integration GIS technology, SuperMap provides a powerful cloud GIS platform and rich GIS terminal products, helping customers to more promptly build highly efficient and stable GIS system to meet different requirements.

  • 2D/3D Integration GIS

SuperMap builds the product family with 2D/3D integration GIS technology from the kernel level, and provides GIS platform and technical support for the industrial solutions in oblique photography model, BIM and 3D pipelines. It makes a breakthrough in reading massive oblique photography model data and representing single model information to support applying large-scale oblique photography model data in practical projects. Another breakthrough is to quickly importing various types of high-density BIM data, extending the GIS from macro to micro. It also supports rapid building of 3D pipelines to attack the limitation of massive high density pipe nodes and pipelines data in providing 3D facility network analysis, a powerful platform support for the application of 3D pipelines.

SuperMap offers several 3D terminal products, providing strong backing to cloud services. These 3D terminal products include the 3D client product based on plug-in, 3D plug-in-free client based on WebGL and 3D mobile products, so as to bring a more broad application space for users.

  • Cross-platform GIS

In 2001, based on the accurate prediction in the development trend of GIS application, SuperMap reconstructed the GIS kernel using standard C++ to establish a high performance, cross platform GIS technical system. Now, SuperMap products support a variety of CPUs including X86, IBM POWER, Itanium, ARM (Feiteng 1500A), MIPs (Loongson), to run on various operating systems like Windows, Linux, AIX, and K-UX. In addition, SuperMap releases mobile GIS products with complete GIS functions, support for iOS and Android, with powerful offline functions and 2D/3D integration ability, which are adapted to the mobile GIS applications that require data confidentiality, limited network flow or without network.

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