SuperMap iMobile for Android/iOS is a component GIS development platform based on Android and iOS systems. It allows developers to create Mobile GIS applications for industrial fields and public services. With SuperMap Universal GIS Core, SuperMap iMobile for Android/iOS provides professional 2D/3D integration services on mobile terminals.

Supports Popular Mobile Systems
Google Android; Apple iOS.

What can you do with SuperMap iMobile for Android/iOS?

Offline Map Browsing
Map data could be stored on local machine for easy access.

Online Service Access
Support SuperMap iServer Services, Google Maps, OGC Service, SuperMap Cloud Services and other public services.

Multi-source Data Aggregation
Aggregate and display data from multiple sources, including local vector data, tile caches, images, and external information services.

Spatial Positioning and Query
Support spatial positioning and query for local and service data.

Spatial Analysis
Support essential GIS analysis functions, such as buffer analysis and overlay analysis.

Data Collection and Editing
Provide drawing and editing functions. The mobile terminals can collect and record on-site information, and exchange the collected data with local and online data.

Dynamic Thematic Mapping
Support dynamic thematic map with various styles.

Routing and Navigating
Provide modules for developing professional mobile navigation applications or adding the path guide into existing applications.

3D Map
A quick way to construct integrated 2D/3D mobile GIS applications. 3D scenes can be displayed on mobile terminals.

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