Ease of use, with user-friendly interface.

FieldMapper is an easy-to-use system with user-friendly interface. The system give full consideration to the size of PDA screen, and arrange the toolbars reasonably, while reduce the screen space occupied by toolbars, dialogues and so on to the maximum extent.

Multiple manners for high efficiency data organization.

PMR is a dedicated file format defined by SuperMap for mobile data collection. It is well served in data access and display, and applies to background map with massive data volume. PM2 is an optimized data format defined by SuperMap for data editing. High efficiency data organization can be achieved by combining PM2 and PMR.

Support for data import and export in multiple formats.

The import and export function of FieldMapper support multiple data formats, for example, SDB, DXF, MIF, SHP and so on. Meanwhile, more types of data formats can be supported by employing other SuperMap products.

Support for symbol customization.

Symbol customization function is a common shortage of lots of software; FieldMapper provides powerful symbol customization tools, in which the user can save custom marker, line and fill symbols to parameter file for further use.

Customization for applications in different industries.

FieldMapper supports custom collection parameters, and the user can define desired map layer, attribute field information, entities etc. for use during data editing. When collecting pre-defined entities, the user need not to create new map layer, set field information, or choose symbols for entities etc., which greatly reduce workload, and meanwhile the standardization of data collection can be promised.

Collection and update of multimedia attribute data such as voice, picture etc.
The user can associate the multimedia data (voice, picture and so on) with entities, and when clicking an entity, the corresponding tool software will be launched to present the multimedia files.

Support for high resolution image data.

High resolution remote sensing images are supported in PMR and PM2. The SIT (SuperMap Image Tower) technology of SuperMap supports rapid display of GB level image data on PDA.

Unique Value thematic map.

In most software of this kind, only one symbol style can be set for a map layer. FieldMapper provides unique value thematic map function, and the user can set various styles for entities on one layer.

Post-processed differential GPS.

Real-time differential GPS can achieves sub-meter positioning accuracy, and after difference operation, the precision can reach 30 millimeter.

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