SuperMap FieldMapper is a professional field data acquisition software integrated with GPS. It can be widely used in power line patrolling, land resource survey, aerial survey, urban management, etc.

With SuperMap FieldMapper, you can perform all the following tasks in your field work: 

ˇńVisualize and edit the captured data;
ˇńBrowse, zoom in/out, pan, view entire extent,
ˇńManage data layers, including setting layer names, geometries, styles, visible map scales, etc;
ˇńPerform queries;
ˇńMeasure distances, areas, and angles;
ˇńEdit geometries;
ˇńCOGO (Coordinate Geometry): Point interpolation in polar coordinate system, angle intersection, boundary intersection;
ˇńGPS settings: Set the port, baud rate of GPS, set the number of coordinates when recording single point, number of coordinates when recording inflexion, time interval when recording points;
ˇńCustomize symbology;
ˇńConvert data into different formats.

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