System Requirements

1. Development Environment
  2.0 GHz (and higher) Intel Pentium III (and higher) CPU
  512 MB (and higher) RAM
  500MB (and higher) Free Diskspace
  RS-232 / Bluetooth GPS
 Supported Operating Systems:
  Windows 2000 ( SP2 and higher)
  Windows NT 4.0 ( SP4 + IE5.0 and higher)
  Windows XP  ( SP2 and higher)
  Windows 2003 Server  ( SP1and higher)
 Development Tools:
  Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0
  Microsoft Visual Studio 2005
  Microsoft eMbedded Visual C++ 4.0
  Mobile Device SDK: PocketPC2003
  Microsoft ActiveSync 4.0 (and higher) 
  SuperNavigation Engine
2.Running Environment
  Mobile Devices, and the required data cables
  Intel StrongARM PXA27x 
  64MB (and higher) RAM
  SD/CF Storage Card
  256MB Free Space
  NEMA0183 Protocol Based GPS
 Supported Operating Systems:
  Windows CE 3.0 (and higher) 
  Windows 9x
  Windows NT
  Windows 2000
  windows XP

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