Key Features

Open & Modular Architecture Design

SNE adopts open and modular architecture design so that ití»s easy to understand, reuse, assemble and extend. This eases the developerí»s work a lot.

Cross Platform Development

SNE is developed based on SuperMap UGC technology, which is based on standard C++, thus ití»s easy to support different OS and hardware. Currently it supports Windows series and Linux.

Efficient Indexing Algorithm

To speed up the queries on Point of Interest (POI) , the algorithm of indexing has been optimized, and the index data expanding problem is avoided efficiently while real time query of millions of POI can be  supported.

Dead Reckoning

GPS and DR are combined together in SNE to ensure precise and continuous positioning and navigation in various signal situations.

Rapid Application Development

With our user manuals, sample codes as well as developing guidelines, developers can get quickly started and master navigation application development.

Multi-threading Map Rendering

This speeds up the efficiency for some complex and concurrent computations.

Hierarchical Fast Search

By using multi scale, multi mode and adaptive seamless hierarchical fast search techniques, real-time analysis of large scale road network (million grades) is achievable.

Dynamic 3D Synthesis Magnification of Road Junction

In SNE, OpenGL is employed by SNE to dynamically synthesize 3D magnification of a road junction in realtime according to actual road status, resulting in a vivid effect and enhancing usersí» visual experience.

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