In-car navigation industry has been boosted by automobile industry and intelligent transportation in the last few years. At present, in-car navigation system integrates GPS, GIS with modern computer technology to enable real-time vehicle positioning, intelligent navigation, which greatly increase driving convenience while enable drivers to get to the destination precisely.

In-car navigation is one of the main GIS applications in mass informationization, SuperNavigation Engine (SNE) is SuperMapí»s in-car navigation platform intended for satellite navigation developers with functions covering from map display, map manipulation, POI query, routing, positioning and navigation, etc. functionality of navigational products is offered in the form of class library by SNE, and a fully functional navigational application system (SuperNavigation) is available in SNE software package. This system is developed in a Win32 programming language, on the architecture of which function extension or customization can be implemented.

SuperNavigation Engine (SNE) is a professional car navigation engine platform based on SuperMap Universal GIS Core (UGC) and the national standard of electronic map for car navigation application. It offers a full customizable SDK for customizing a car navigation system that can run on multiple operating system and multi CPUs in different IDEs. The basic functions include map display, map operating, POI query, path analysis, position and navigation, etc. It enables all kinds of navigation solution providers and mobile device manufactures to rapidly customize their own navigation applications OEM it into all kinds of terminal navigation products.

SNE is composed of 19 modules divided into three functional levels: fundamental layer, map visual layer and navigational application layer. The relationship is illustrated below, where, universal GIS fundamental modules are rendered with blue, and every other color represents one type of engine:

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