Production Installation and Configuration

Q: What requirements do I have to meet when configuring license in Windows Vista or Windows 7?
A: Please note that if your operating system is Windows Vista or Windows 7, you need to run SuperMap License Manager as administrator or turn off UAC before license configuration.

Q: Why doesn't the SuperMap Deskpro Plugin item appear in the Templates list when creating a project in Visual Studio?
A: If you cannot find the SuperMap Deskpro Plugin template in the Templates list when creating a project via Visual Studio, that is because SuperMap plugin templates were not registered properly. To solve the problem, go to SuperMap Deskpro .NET\Tools and run registerTemplate.exe to register the templates. Then restart Visual Studio to create a project, you will see SuperMap Deskpro Plugin listed in the templates list.

Q: Why can't I install SuperMap GIS 6R properly when I have Kaspersky antivirus software running on my computer?
A: You may fail to install SuperMap GIS 6R desktop products when the Kaspersky antivirus software is running on your computer. In this situation, you need to add the setup program to the Kaspersky trusted zone, and then run it to install the product.

Q: Why can't I see the SuperMap GIS 6R desktop icons and use the help docs properly when I have Kaspersky antivirus software running on my computer?
A: You may not be able to display the desktop icon or use the help doc when the Kaspersky antivirus software is running on your computer. In this situation, you need to manually unzip the Resources.rar file under the installation directory and the WebHelp.rar file in the Help folder under the installation directory.

Data Management

Q: Why I am prompted to open a file datasource in readonly mode?
A: If the file datasource is in readonly mode, you will be prompted to and you can only open the datasource in readonly mode. When opened, you cannot edit the datasource.

Q: When I successfully open a datasource, why are all datasets in it gone?
A: To solve this problem, keep the Autoconnect box checked when you open a datasource.

p>Q: Why are the Oracle and Oracle Plus items in the Open and New drop-down lists in the Workspace and Datasource group on the Start tab are not available?
A: If you haven't installed Oracle database on your computer, you are not allowed to open an Oracle workspace, open an Oracle Plus datasource, or create an Oracle Plus datasource

Q: Why does the encoding of a dataset change from single-byte into uncoded when I copy it to an SDB Plus datasource?
A: Since SDB Plus datasources don't support single-byte encoding mode, the encoding of a dataset in single-byte mode will change to uncoded if it is copied to an SDB Plus datasource


Q: Why is the map gone even though I saved it?
A: To save a map for future use, saving the map in the workspace is not enough, you still need to save the workspace

Q: Why are the lines and text jagged?
A: You can enable the antialias text and line functions to smooth the line and text.

Q: Why are the Fixed Marker Angle and Fixed Text Angle commands in the Browse group on the Map Properties tab gray?
A: The two commands are only available to use if the Rotation in the Browse is not set to 0.


Q: Why can't I add certain datasets to a scene?
A: A dataset cannot be added to a scene if its extent goes beyond the extent limit: latitude from -90 to 90 and longitude from -180 to 180.

Q: Why can't I select the text objects in a map when it is added to a scene?
A: When a map is added to a scene, you can select the points, lines, regions, and text objects. You think you cannot select the text objects because they are not highlighted when selected.

Q: Why is the framework data not displayed in the newly created scene?
A: If you want to display the framework data for a newly created scene, click the Start button, click Options to display SuperMap Deskpro .NET Options dialog box, click General on the left, and then check the box before Auto load framework data when creating new scenes

Q: Why can't the plugin developed through Microsoft Visual Studio be loaded in SuperMap Desktop GIS 6R products
A: Please make sure that the assembly where the plugin is in will be automatically deployed to the corresponding folder under installation directory\Bin\Plugins and the configuration file (*.config) be deployed to installation directory\Workenvironment\Default when compiling projects in Visual Studio. If the plugin can't be properly loaded, please check the following points.
Check the AseemblyName and CtrlAction properties of in the configuration file of the plugin.
SuperMap Deskpro .NET can load plugins developed by the user, while SuperMap Express .NET and SuperMap Viewer .NET can not

Q: What should I do to avoid overwriting the self-developed plugins when performing the overwrite installation?
A: To solve the problem, you can create a new work environment to place the self-developed configuration files

Q: Why can't I navigate to help page by pressing F1 after I set the HelpURL for the control in the Customize window?
A: You can navigate to the help page specified only if you also have specified the CtrlAction or the code segment for the control

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