SuperMap GIS 6R Desktop products, which are plugin GIS applications constructed based on SuperMap Objects .NET 6R, desktop core library and .NET Framework 2.0, come in three levels:

SuperMap Viewer .NET 6R

SuperMap Viewer .NET 6R supports data loading and browsing, especially integrated browsing of 2D and 3D data. Mapping, layouting, and printing functions are also supported. Besides, controls can be customized in SuperMap Viewer .NET 6R.

SuperMap Express .NET 6R

Except for all functions provided in SuperMap Viewer .NET 6R, SuperMap Express .NET 6R supports data editing and processing, which can satisfy your professional needs from data acquisition, data editing to map export. In addition, you can achieve the integrated browsing of 2D and 3D data, 3D cache processing, and object editing with SuperMap Express .NET 6R.

SuperMap Deskpro .NET 6R

SuperMap Deskpro .NET 6R is the ultimate SuperMap GIS 6R desktop product. Not only does it contain all functions provided in SuperMap Express .NET 6R, but it also supports extension development. As a programmable, extensible and customizable desktop GIS product that supports the integration of 2D and 3D, SuperMap Deskpro .NET 6R can satisfy your diverse needs.

For different SuperMap GIS 6R Desktop Products, they contain different plugins.

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