Key Features

SuperMap Desktop .NET 6R is the newest generation of SuperMap Desktop GIS developed based on Objects .NET. It is the first Desktop GIS that supports Ribbons (Office 2007 Style) which makes the WYSWYG much easier and intuitive. It also makes customizing your own Desktop GIS applications easy and flexible. It has the following features:
New Architecture - Pure .NET Framework
New User Interface - Ribbon Style, WYSWYG
Customizable Interface
Integration 2D with 3D - Supporting Realspace
Programable Plug-in Supported
Multiple Languages Supported -C#, VB .NET, C++/CLI, IronPython
Seamless Integration with Objects .NET
High Performance and Cost Effectiveness
Rich and Specilized Thematic Map Templates

Integration of 2D and 3D

Thematic Mapping

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