Desktop products are widely used in general GIS applications: data processing, mapping, database management and update, etc. With the expansion of GIS applications, more and more users expect to extend operations based on the already available functions. Though SuperMap Deskpro 5 has made it possible, direct interaction with components is impossible and users have to know C++ to achieve the extension. The new generation of Deskpro .NET, which is based on SuperMap Objects .NET, provides easy way for customers to extend functions based on SuperMap Desktop GIS products.

The new generation of SuperMap Desktop GIS products includes two parts:

Desktop Development Platform

This platform contains functions like desktop object model, plug-in model, scripts, command line, etc. This framework, as a desktop development platform, only defines some basic principles and basic programming ports, without providing explicit functions.

Framework of the new generation of desktop development platform

On the basis of desktop developing platform, it could go forward to developing a specialized product, for example, a quality check product ĘC D-Checker, or a spatial data library building product D-Builder etc.; meanwhile, you may develop any industry application software, for instance, the national land, statistics, and military. Furthermore, the application software used in various industries could be expanded and customized, and they also can be composed together to apply.

Developing on the basis of Deskpro platform

Application products for expansion and customization

Aggregation of application products

Aggregation of expanded products

Desktop Products

On this developing platform, an integrity desktop product is obtained by encapsulating GIS functions offered by components according to the application. This desktop product has all features of developing platform, including customizable, programmable, and scalable, etc. Moreover, the products developed on the basis of Deskpro products could be aggregated together, which is valuable to some projects. Consequently, to date, SuperMap Software has an overall group of development platforms, including the desktop application developing platform (Deskpro .NET), embedded application developing platform (Objects COM, Objects .NET, Objects Java), server developing platform (IS .NET, iServer .NET, iServer Java).

An integrity system of developing platform

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