Data Management (Open, New, Save, Move, Data Maintenance)

Q: What's the difference between SuperMap Deskpro, SuperMap Express and SuperMap Viewer? [ + ]
Q: Each dataset can display with entire view but it becomes a point when overlaying several datasets, and then you must zoom in the map. Why? How to solve? [ + ]
Q: Some geometric objects are disable to display when importing MapInfo data to SuperMap, but they can be selected . Why? How to solve? [ + ]
Q: The red symbol "*" sometimes appears in front of the name of a dataset. Why is that? [ + ]
Q: Why doesn't the size of a datasource ( *.sdb ) change after deleting datasets from it? [ + ]
Q: Can the data made by SuperMap Deskpro 2003 (*.sdb, *.sdd) be used in SuperMap Deskpro 6? [ + ]
Q: Which versions of Auto CAD does SuperMap support? [ + ]
Q: Can I rename a dataset? [ + ]
Q: How do I combine multiple datasets into one dataset?[ + ]
Q: How do I change datasources from SDB to Spatial Database datasources? [ + ]

Data Integration (Import, Export)

Q: What formats can be opened directly in SuperMap Deskpro? [ + ]
Q: How do I convert MDB files into point datasets in SuperMap Deskpro? [ + ]

Data Editing

Q: How do I draw a point with known coordinates precisely in SuperMap? [ + ]
Q: What's the difference between the four data aggregation methods in the "Data Aggregation" dialog box? [ + ]
Q: How do I undo the last operation? [ + ]
Q: Why can't I draw geometric objects in the current editable map window in the units of degrees? [ + ]
Q: Errors may occur in data dissolving: there is an extra line in the result; or the Union operation can not be performed even the Union option has been selected. Why? [ + ]

Data Process (Coordinate Conversion, Data Type Conversion, Topo)

Q: Which coordinate system does the point data from GPS use? [ + ]
Q: How do I mosaic maps in different zones of a projected coordinate system? [ + ]
Q: Why can't I mosaic raster data successfully sometimes? [ + ]
Q: What is the unit of the registration error? [ + ]
Q: Why isn't the result region dataset not correct when I convert a line dataset to region dataset using the "Line to Region" function? [ + ]
Q: Why are some lines split in the network dataset created after I perform the Topology operation on the Data Process menu? [ + ]

Map Layout (Symbol Library, Line Library, Fill Library, Thematic Map, Style Setting, Layer Control, Layout)

Q: How do I set default display styles for points, lines, regions, selected lines and regions, etc? [ + ]
Q: How do I view the information of a map? [ + ]
Q: How do I convert pictures in the format of *.ico, *.bmp, etc to the symbols of SuperMap Deskpro symbol library? [ + ]
Q: How do I set different symbols in a point layer? [ + ]
Q: How do I rotate the symbols according to the values of a specified field in SuperMap Deskpro? [ + ]
Q: Is it possible to keep the size of labels unchanged when zooming in or out on a map in SuperMap Deskpro? [ + ]
Q: How do add a geometric object drawn in the map window to Symbol Library? [ + ]
Q: How do I use ruler lines in a layout? [ + ]

Spatial Analysis (Buffer, Overlay, Network, Raster Analysis)

Q: When I set the buffer radius to 5, the buffered area is unexpectedly large. How does that happen? [ + ]

3D (3D Modeling, 3D Viewer)

Q: The stereo effect of the houses can be seen but the pictures can't in 3D viewer. Why? How to solve? [ + ]
Q: Why is the flying speed unexpectedly fast when performing 3D Fly? [ + ]
Q: When doing Overlay, the drop-down list box has no datasources but why is it so long? [ + ]

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