What's New?

Whats new in SuperMap Objects .NET 6R Service Pack 1

New Controls

WorkspaceControl: Supports external workspaces, dragging and dropping datasources, dragging and dropping nodes to datasets, showing/hiding datasources/layouts nodes using buttons on toolbars; supports sorting the order of nodes by name, date modified, and type.
LayersControl: Manages all layers in the current map or scene.
WorkspaceTree: Manages data nodes in the workspace.
LayersTree: Manages layers in the map.
Layer3DsTree: Manages layers in the scene.

Data Module

Improved Recordset accessing performance; new methods added for specific data types, to reduce the cost of boxing and unboxing when manipulating value types and to avoid the type conversion in encoding.

Mapping Module

Improved performance of avoiding text overlapping.
Improved performance of displaying text in small sizes legibly.

Conversion Module

New function for getting the projection of img files.
Improved functionality of importing imagery to multiband rasters.
Fixed problems with importing wor to an existing workspace and with showing text in unexpected different font sizes in thematic mapping.
Fixed error in getting wkt projection info defined by ESRI.
Fixed problem of invalid encoding after importing imagery.

Layout Module

New fine-grained interfaces for MapLayoutControl and MapLayout to support development flexibility.
New support for 12 layout element alignments, including left alignment, right alignment, etc.
New support for spacing and aligning selected layout elements, e.g. making elements horizontal and/or vertical spacing equal.
New support for making the selected layout elements same size, same width, or same size.
Optimized layout refreshing to improve the performance of refreshing layouts with large-volume data.
Easier-to-use layout legends.
Improved visual effects for the layout ruler and scale bar.

Realspace Module

Enhanced 3D thematic map functionalities, including 3D ranges map and 3D label map, and new support for stretching in 3D ranges map.
New support for displaying KML data in different levels, including point markers, lines, and polygons.
New support for 3D scene realtime refreshing.
Improved 3D browsing approach to increase the performance, especially in panning across 3D buildings.
Improved terrain and imagery visualization performance by using new anti-shaking algorithms.
Improved vector line and region display performance by using new algorithms.
Improved performance in displaying fine textures smoothly and clearly.
Fixed display error in vector polygon self-intersecting.
Fixed problem of slow syncronized displaying of multiple 3D windows and failing to refresh.

Spatial Analysis

Improved efficiency in spatial query using the contain method.
Improvements made in overlay analysis preprocessing.
Improved stability and efficiency in interpolation.
Improvements made in creating flat buffer for closed curves.
Improved performance in dealing with Thiessen polygons.

Network Analysis

Optimized algorithm for finding optimal paths in network analysis, and new support for unified processing of turn tables, coordinate points, and nodes.

Topology Module

Optimized topology preprocessing mechanism to improve the performance.

Technology Documents

New sample code and explanatory documentation for auxiliary controls.
Programmering reference for the classes new added.
List for interface changing from SuperMap Objects Java 6R to 6R Service Pack 1.

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