What's New?

What's new in SuperMap Objects 6 Service Pack 4

Data Conversion

    New support for saving layers as CAD datasets.


    A new engine type constant, sceDB2, is available.
    Improved the data access of the DGN engine which enables to read a map by the layer, so that the overlap problem can be avoided.
    New support for creating a pyramid for a given range.

Map Projection

    New support for setting the grid resolution when working with projection transformation.

Mapping and Displaying

    New support for setting the visibility of sublayers of the WMS layer according to their index values, and getting names or titles of the sublayers.
    New support for displaying text which has a superscript or subscript based on a specific standard.
    New support for setting a fix size in the graph thematic mapping.
    Antialias can be applied to layers.


    Updated the help document.


What's new in SuperMap Objects 6 Service Pack 3

Improvements on vector analysis

    Improvements on the line-region overlay.
    Improvements on the region-region overlay.


    Improvements on WFS service access.
    A new support for non-SM fields using the Oracle spatial engine.
    Restore the memory growth problem when copying datasets using the SQL engine.


    A new support for Unique thematic mapping with data type fields.
    New support for WMS and SIT dynamic projection.
    Improvements on the display of intersection optimization.


What's new in SuperMap Objects 6 Service Pack 2

Spatial Data Engine SDX+

    Improved support for Oracle Spatial engine, and new support for editing most types of data, including hole-polygon, 3D data.
    Improved support for Oracle engine. The system can output map normally even if the network disconnects and reconnects again. Improvements on concurrent operation to the same dataset by multiple users.

Map Projection and Coordinate System

    New Oblique Stereographic Projection.

Data Editing and Processing

    Improved map cache. Support for third-party software to read and display the map cache pictures.
    Improved clipping line datasets by region data, namely EraseOnDataset method.
    New support for ordering data records in terms of the specified field. Support for selecting specified rows by setting SmID collection of rows in the recordset.

Data Conversion

    New support for Export As DWG from point, line, region, text, network, CAD, 3D point, 3D line datasets.
    New support for exporting the dataset to DXF/DWG file, exporting attribute data to XRecord Data extended records; and new support for importing XRecord Data extended records when importing DXF/DWG file.
    New support for style comparison when importing DGN V8 file.
    New support for style comparison when importing & exporting DXF/DWG file.
    Improved exporting Telecom Build Vector.


    Improved label thematic mapping, including fixed size, word truncated. And also new support for text expression, that is, superscript and subscript styles.
    New support for setting filter conditions of node sub-layers under the network layer. Only the network nodes that meet the filter condition can be displayed.


    New support for raster print, and optimize the print effectiveness of the raster data.
    New support for map overview, table, and grid.

Topo Analysis

    New topo pre-processing functions for object-to-object, object-to-dataset, object-to-recordset.
    New functions for snapping the specified types of nodes in the dataset.

Overlay Analysis

    Improvements on overlay analysis of line, region datasets.

Grid Analysis

    Improvements on grid conversion. Support converting specified values only when converting grid data to point dataset or line dataset.
    Improvements on abstracting isolines and isoregions.

Online Help

    Synchronized update for the online help.
    Enrich subject introductions on grid analysis, dynamic segmentation.
    New list of SuperMap Objects 6 Service Pack 2 Interface Updating.

What's new in SuperMap Objects 6 Service Pack 1

Spatial Database Engine SDX+

    Enhanced Oracle Spatial engine performance, full support for spatial object types of Oracle Spatial.
    New support for three-dimensional data.

Data Conversion

    Support for importing Microsoft Excel files.
    Support for importing and exporting files in telecom vector data exchange format.
    Support for exporting S-57 electronic chart files.
    Support for exporting to DXF files layer by layer according to datasets.
    Support for the automatic export of extended fields during DXF format export.
    Database tables with geographical coordinates could be registered as point datasets.

Spatial Analysis

    New added topology checking rule that the distance between nodes must be greater than the tolerance is added to topology checking rules.
    Newly added topology preprocessing function of inserting node types.
    Adjusted field setting of result datasets derived from topology checking.
    Support for union overlay analysis between line datasets.
    Grid Analysis supports display area clip.
    SQL Plus engine supports Top N query.
    Improved efficiency of hydrology analysis in hydrological analysis module.
    Optimized grid method for cut and fill calculation.


    New support for layout pagination and exporting a tiff format image at specified resolution according to layout size.
    The improved Map Cache allows setting the type and geographical range while building map cache.
    New support for acquiring the number of pictures in lines and columns.
    New support for acquiring the geographical range of a certain map cache.
    New support for setting the fill effect of the entire layer.


    The blue-yellow-red gradient is added.
    New support for acquiring the type of spatial index of vector datasets.
    New support for determining the existence of datasets with specified names in the datasource.
    New support for transparent display of grid cell in a certain grid range on DEM and GRID datasets.

Online Help

    Newly added "Dynamic Segmentation" thematic documentation introduces the function of dynamic segmentation in detail.
    "SuperMap Objects 6.0 sp Interface Changed List" is provided to describe interface changes of component products from SuperMap Objects 6.0 to SuperMap Objects 6.0 sp1 in detail.

License Management

    The improved license management tool allows the designation of the hardware lock type before license verification.
    Adjusted license management interface makes operations more convenient.
    The user name and unit name in license files could be automatically read while configuring file permissions.
    Support for automatically retrying to check the validity of the lock when the license could not be found.

What's new in SuperMap Objects 6

New Features

    New support for storing projection and coordinate system information in datasets.
    New SDX+ for Informix engine.
    New support for customizing and saving coordinate systems.
    New support for China Geodetic Coordinate System 2000.
    Complete support for OGC WMS, WCS, and WFS.
    New support for exporting to the standard KML/KMZ format.
    New support for the latest national fundamental scale maps of China.
    Over 30 topology rules to maintain geometric integrity and new functionalities to repair topology automatically.
    New support for importing and exporting to the VCT data format.
    Improved support for land and resources data with a series of topology processing tools provided.
    Flexible access to and management of data tables that are not managed by SuperMap SDX+.
    Improved functionalities for creating and maintaining network datasets.
    New support for setting eagle eye maps in layout.
    New support for drawing graticule, measured grids or customized grids based on the map element in your layout.
    New support for more character sets and new predefined projections commonly used in Sweden.
    New licensed way and license configuration schema.
    Well organized SuperMap GIS sample data will present more practical and professional GIS functionalities.

New Functions

Spatial Database Engine SDX+

    New Informix engine to support the IBM Informix database.
    New support for opening, register, and un-registering data in the external tables. Improved Oracle Spatial engine to support field aliases for attribute tables of vector datasets and support raster data model GeoRaster.
    New option for setting the recordset cache size in queries, improving the query performance.
    Improved support for OGC Web standards: the WEB engine supports WMS 1.0, 1.1, 1.1.1 and 1.3 versions, WFS 1.0 and 1.1 versions, and WCS 1.0 and 1.1 versions.
    Improved support for Oracle Spatial and new support for GeoRaster and field aliases for vector data attribution.

Map Projection

    New support for China Geodetic Coordinate System 2000(CGCS 2000) and setting the CGCS 2000-based Gauss-Kruger coordinate system.
    New support for multiple projections and coordinate systems commonly used in Sweden.
    New support for Kertau RSO Malaya and Timbalai 1984 RSO Borneo projection types.
    New options that allow you to set any coordinate system as the default, add new coordinate system to the system, and copy the XML files arbitrarily.
    New support for mutually converting SuperMap's Coordinate Reference System Code to EPSG's (The European Petroleum Survey Group).

Data Conversion

    Improved importing capability of MicroStation DGN V8 data.
    New support for importing Electronic Nautical Chart of *.000 format.
    New support for importing communications vector and raster data.
    New support for exporting image data to Erdas Image files.
    New support for setting the precision of exporting data to ArcGIS E00 files.
    Improved support for importing polylines and blocks of AutoCAD DXF/DWG; new support for exporting multiple data files to a single DXF file with the option to select the version of the DXF file.
    New support for exporting data to Google Earth KML (KMZ) 2.2 files.
    New support for importing and exporting to spatial data exchange formats VCT 1.0 and VCT 2.0.

Data Processing

    More advanced setting options for copying datasets, including options for encoding methods, projection transformations, and spatial indexes.
    Improved route editing functions, including recomputing the M value, locating points by distance, accessing the M value of any point.
    New support for updating attributes of datasets and objects based on spatial relationships (e.g. Contain, Be Contained, Intersect, etc.).
    Improved distance measure function, to support measuring distances from the specified point to its closest point or line.
    Topology processing tools provided separately and new topology-related interfaces for processing data, such as finding left and right polygons, extracting region borderlines, splitting lines with points or regions, etc.
    6 new topology rules for topology validation, including Point Must Not Coincide, Point Must Not Contained By Area, Line Must Not Intersect With Area, Area Must Not Overlap On Boundary, Area Must Not Self Intersect, and Line Must Not Intersect With Line.
    A new tool is provided for validating mini-bend segments.
    New options for fixing such topological errors as duplicated lines and lines with pseudo nodes.

Spatial Analysis

    Great performance improvements on overlaying region datasets with large differences in extent, data volume.
    New and improved computing algorithms used to improve the accuracy and efficiency of the overlay analysis.
    Enhanced path guiding function with improved usability.
    New option for setting the encoding method for the result raster data in raster mosaic.
    New event table overlay and aggregation functions in linear referencing.

Map Layout

    New support for creating Chinese national fundamental scale map sheets based on GB/T 20257.1-2007, GB/T 20257.2-2006, GB/T 20257.3-2006 and GB/T 20257.4-2007.
    New support for setting the priority positions to place the labels when creating label maps to enhance the performance.
    New support for outputting GIF and PNG images with transparent background and setting the compression ratio of JPG images when outputting them.
    New option to lock any layer so that editing on that layer cannot be performed.
    New support for rotating map elements and new options to select whether to rotate labels and symbols as you rotate the map.
    New support for adding multiple scale bars and legends for a map.
    New support for adding a graph map legend to the map layout.
    New support for dividing the contents of the map legend into multiple columns.
    New support for setting eagle eye maps in layout.
    New support for drawing graticule, measured grids or customized grids based on the map element in your layout.


    New support for UTF-7 and UTF-32 character sets and new support for more European languages such as Swedish and German.
    Improvements on running the software of different language versions at the same time on the same machine.
    New concept of recordset collections to support topology validation for multiple recordsets.
    New concept of route sets to support saving multiple result routes in network analyses.
    New backward selection mode for rectangle selecting.

Newly Added Help Document

    "Proximity Analysis" gives a comprehensive introduction to the proximity analysis tools in SuperMap, applications, and solutions.
    "Data Encoding in SuperMap" describes the current encoding methods of GIS data and their use in SuperMap.
    "SDX+ for Oracle Installation, Configuration, and Database Building" offers a detailed guide on the installation and configuration of Oracle10g and database building in SuperMap.
    "Strategies for Optimizing GIS System Performance" gives a series of strategies for how to select, configure, and optimize a system for your GIS project.
    "Configuration of User-defined Coordinate System" lends you a hand in configuring a user-defined coordinate system in the new release.
    "Interface Changes from 5.3 to 6.0" gives detailed information on the interface changes from SuperMap Objects 5.3 to SuperMap Objects 6.0.

License Configuration

    SuperMap GIS 6R uses a new licensed way and configuration schema. A tool named License Manager is provided for users to manage and configure the different licensed way.

Sample Data

    Well organized SuperMap GIS sample data will present more practical and professional GIS functionalities.

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