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SuperMap Objects 2008 Online Training Materials Date: 25 Aug, 2009
The first ZIP file include SuperMap Objects(COM) training course slides, sample data,videos,sample projects with source code(C#.NET) and a video about how to replace SuperMap Objects component versions for the sample projects if you are not using version 6. Video-Part I include videos about SuperMap Objects Overview, Getting Start and Data Management.Video-Part II include videos about Data Conversion, Query and Spatial Data Editing.Video-Part III include videos about Layer Style & TrackingLayer, Thematic Map and Coordinate System.
ExData & PPT & Sample (32.3M, ZIP format)
Videos- Part (67.1M, ZIP format)
Videos-Part (55.5M, ZIP format)
Videos-Part (52.1M, ZIP format)
Note: Please install the WRF Player software in "ExData & PPT & Sample Projects" to play the videos.

WRF recorder and player
This is the latest version of WRF player. If you cannĄ¯t find it in the ZIP files above or the player doesnĄ¯t work, please install this player to play the WRF videos downloaded from this website.
Download: WRF recorder and player (2.54M, ZIP format)

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