Key Features

Proper Components Size and Easy to Develop

All SuperMap Component GIS Products are encapsulated into many different function controls, programmable objects, and interfaces. They are neither too big nor too small. The guide books are provided for reference also.

Managing Massive Data at Low Cost

With built-in SuperMap SDX+ technology - avoiding additional costs and middleware, you can manage your spatial data with Oracle, SQL server, Sybase, DB2, MySQL Informix, etc.. With the built-in SuperMap Image Tower (SIT) and Image Pyramid technique, no matter how big your imagery is, it can be displayed at any scale within a second.

High Scalability

Components in SuperMap Objects can work either independently or assembly, thus developers can develop either a large-scale GIS project with the entire components or a medium or small-sized GIS project with some of the components. The high scalable architecture allows developers to fully consider the factors of their GIS project, and then choose suitable components to reduce cost and risk.

Independent Distribution

Applications developed with SuperMap Objects can be distributed and run independently without installing any other SuperMap GIS products. This will greatly simplify deployment and reduce distribution costs.

Flexible Data Models

SuperMap Objects supports both GIS data or CAD data models and both topology-oriented or Objects-oriented data models. This offers more choices for data organization and eases the developing.

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