Key Features

With SuperMap iServer Java, Web GIS systems can be developed rapidly, large-volume spatial data can be published with ease, and business systems based on spatial information to address different industries' requirements can be built on the Internet. Besides, SuperMap iServer Java has lots of remarkable features:

Cross Platform, High Efficiency

The core of SuperMap iServer Java is developed using high performance standard C/C++, and SuperMap iServer Java is also a Java-based program. This allows you to develop cross-platform Web applications. The C/C++ based core also contributes to high-efficiency data access, map display, and spatial analysis functions and supports complex spatial data manipulation and computation.

Service Based, Component Structure

SuperMap iServer Java provides an open structure, and different components are divided and encapsulated at different levels according to different grain sizes. Publication components are provided for you to share standards-compliant data services, including OGC WFS and KML standards and specifications. A set of service access components (SACs) are provided for you to access other services published to implement data interoperability. SuperMap iServer Java also offers a rich number of controls and components, with which you can develop GIS functions according to your individual needs. SuperMap iServer Java introduces the component development mode of C/S structure to the web service system development of different levels, which reduces the development difficulty of different-level services. This structure is definitely a big breakthrough in web service system development mode.

Cross Middleware, Cross Browsers

SuperMap iServer Java follows the Java EE standards, and the applications developed using SuperMap iServer Java can be deployed on all servers that support the Java EE standards, such as WebSphere, Weblogic, Tomcat, and JBoss. The clients, enabled by HTML and JavaScript, can access the Web applications through most browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Netscape.

Multi-tier Service Aggregation

SuperMap iServer Java supports service aggregation both on the client and server. The client and the server can aggregate services published by third parties conveniently without much programming.

High-Efficiency, Flexible Caching

The built-in Intelligent Client and Cache (IC&C) technology by SuperMap iServer Java support multi-level caching to optimize the efficiency of data caching. Data can be cached and rendered on the client side; data of any part of the whole map can be accessed from the server. All of these greatly reduce the pressure on the client-server communications, and increase the performance of handling high concurrency and dealing with data of large volumes.

SuperMap iServer Java provides an open and flexible component for caching that allows you to customize your caching mechanism.

GIS Server Clustering Technology

Multiple GIS servers can be clustered to serve multiple applications and more clients, with better scalability and usability. Clustered GIS servers are able to effectively balance the loads and communications. Since each GIS server has one SuperMap workspace deployed on it, different workspaces can be configured on different servers in the cluster, thus more maps can be served. Optimized Multi-Processing and Multi-Threading Strategy Optimized multi-processing and multi-thread strategy is adopted to handle high concurrent accessing and reduce the response time.

Web Services and SOA Architecture

SuperMap iServer Java has taken full advantage of Web Services and SOA to facilitate interoperability and heterogeneous integration and aggregation. You are allowed to encapsulate your own Web services and integrate them with SuperMap Web services.

Large-Volume Imagery Publishing

The increasing volume of imagery data is a great challenge for Web GIS applications. SuperMap iServer has optimized its core display engine for imagery to give you a head start in publishing terabytes of imagery.

Full Support for 64-bit Systems

SuperMap iServer fully supports 64-bit CPUs and operating systems.

Domain modeling service

Support for building the domain application system in industries quickly.

3D terminal

Provides to publish 3D services (data, drawings and analysis), and supports for 3D terminal.

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