Key Features

SuperMap IS .NET is the publishing and developing platform of geographic information service with many excellent features, such as plentiful GIS services, various typesĄ¯ standard service, management tools of GIS service, cluster service, and intelligent cache technology, etc.

Full-featured GIS service

SuperMap IS .NET provides plentiful GIS functions by service, as the diagram below illustrated. SuperMap IS .NET also provides types of service interfaces of GIS operations, for spatial data processing and analyzing in GIS through calling these interfaces.

Standard GIS service

SuperMap IS .NET follows the standard of OGC, providing SuperMap GIS service by W*S, KML. SuperMap IS .NET also provides SuperMap Web Services that is on the basis of WebService technology, acting as a platform for WebGIS system to interoperate and share data.

SuperMap IS Web Services has encapsulated functions of accessing, processing, and analyzing geographic spatial data, with unified interfaces provided for users. It is not necessary, neither possible, to know about the physical data organization structure and the realization of functions for users, improving the data security and system stability.

Distributed hierarchical cluster

SuperMap IS.NET cluster service is achieved through virtual GIS server technology to virtualize several GIS servers, unifying them into computer resources as a whole, to provide services with common interfaces for client programs. Please look at the following diagram. Through virtual cluster server to aggregate several servers, the load capacity will be increased significantly; In case one of the servers does not work or turns off on plan, other GIS servers in the cluster can shoulder the working load to secure the GIS service are still available for users or client program to access; meanwhile, it can promote the serverĄ¯ redundancy, to improve the system usability; the increased GIS server number in the cluster system is able to support more customers with the same class and performance; likewise, the current client application program can have better performance. In conclusion, the server cluster has enhanced the stretchable ability of the entire service system.

Multi-level Intelligent Cache

SuperMap IS .NET provides multi-level intelligent cache technology to manage spatial data by users, who just need to decide if it is necessary to use a cache, which level of cache to be used, and the setting of the cache according to the accessing criteria (the scales has to be accessed, map scale, spatial data amount etc).

Cluster is a technology to improve the systemĄ¯s support ability of concurrent access offered by SuperMap IS .NET to users. Intelligent cache technology may cache Internet GIS data in the cluster environment. The aggregation of cluster technology and intelligent cache technique would increase the over-all performance of the system.

Service setting and management tool

SuperMap IS .NET also designed services management tool ¨C ISManager for administrator to manage and set the GIS service easily. ISManger applies the most popular client software ¨C browser, and manages GIS application service, dynamically modify system parameter, through standard Web program; furthermore, with continuous GIS service, it is able to adjust system parameters in long-distance.

With ISManger, administrator can manage the GIS service concentrative; meanwhile, it is also in charge of the management and setting of cluster, map cache, as well as the start, stop control to GIS service.

Multiple hierarchical development and rich SDK

SuperMap IS .NET supports GIS development on clients, web server, and GIS server, providing correspond SDK in each level for developer to obtain the GIS functions to meet system requirements.

Ajax control development and script development

AjaxControls is a SuperMap IS .NET GIS control encapsulated by Ajax technology, including map control, overview and magnifier control, layer-controlling control, legend control, etc. SuperMap IS AjaxControls is the main SDK for users to develop network GIS functions. These controls can help to create rich, dynamic, and direct Web user interface which is suitable to local application. AjaxControls takes fully advantages of Ajax technology. The client side will provide better user experience by calling WebGIS web site created by AjaxControls, combing with drag-and-drop ability of ASP.NET WebControls. 

Development of Web level visulization control

SuperMap IS .NET offers a series of ASP.NET server controls, supporting drag-and-drop programming, and favorable designing characters which secures the unification of design and runtime. With these controls, developers can see the runtime effect at the very beginning of system building.

Application of customizing template

On the Web controls, SuperMap IS .NET provides application program templates with friendly interface. You are able to get strong support by employing rapid transplant template, reusable template.

Self-defined development of map service

SuperMap IS .NET applies open architecture system, which allows users to expand system functions, and aggregate with SuperMap IS .NET GIS service. The scalable map service developing is very meaningful to industry application service platform developer. By industry mode abstraction, developing industry application service is able to decrease the developing cycle for concrete project, winning excellent developing brand.

Various type of sample programs (templates)

SuperMap IS .NET offers plentiful sample programs, including how to use server control WebControls and Ajaxcontrols to develop, and TcpMap components to develop desktop application program and application program on mobile terminals. Each sample program offers very rich GIS functions.

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