What's New?

SuperMap IS .NET 6 SP4

New Features

    New support for returning spatial information in finding closest facility
    New support for accessing the MapHandler service in WebLibFormDemo
    New support for mobile terminals on the AjaxScripts client
    New support for standard WMTS and WPS
    New support for extracting isoregions according to the point dataset
    New support for extracting isolines according to the specified range
    New support for returning region objects when extracting isoregions
    New support for keeping original tracking information on the AjaxScripts client
    New support for label thematic mapping with the superscript and subscript
    New support for setting styles of the highlight layer when doing distance measurement and area measurement on the AjaxScripts client


    Improved on the map output performance on multi-layers
    Improved on setting the barrier edge in the path analysis
    Improved on relate attribute query
    Improved on synchronizing the node status of cluster servers
    Improved on the compatability of the third-party client-script libraries
    Improved on the compatability of the OGC service and the third-party client

SuperMap IS .NET 6 SP3

New Features

    A new support for map rotation of WebControl when viewing a map.
    A new support for the isoregion extraction according to discrete points.
    A new support for isoline or isoregion extraction according to the interval array of changeable steps.
    A new support for setting highlighted styles for each layer in the map query.
    A new support for returning source buffer geometry objects in buffer analysis.
    A new support for specifying range names in Range thematic mapping.
    A new support for exporting a map with background transparency in AjaxScript.
    A new support for setting the width of each column in Graph thematic mapping.

New Improvements

    Improvements on the problem about invalid AddTileLayer when ClearTileLayers in CustomLayer of AjaxMapContorl.
    Improvements on the problem about not clearing all scope cache when MapRect isn't specified by ClearCache in CommonHandler.
    Improvements on the problem about the blank view after the database is disconnected if a map is to be output.
    Improvements on the support for browsers for MapControl.
    Improvements on the map engine cache.
    Improvements on the symbols display effect.
    Improvements on the simple cache.

SuperMap IS .NET 6 SP2

New Features

    New support for customizing initialization parameters on the client
    New support for extending user level handler security
    New support for batch updating edge weights and node weights
    New support for WMS cache of OGC service
    New support for simple cache on AjaxScript client
    New support for the overlay WMS service on AjaxScript client
    New support for GML2.1.2 of WFS1.1.0 service

New Improvements

    Enhanced stability and fault-tolerance processing capabilities of GIS services
    Improved OGC service, compatible with mainstream third-party client software
    Improved client script control functions
    Enhanced stability of dynamic map printing
    Improved agent Handler for getting pictures
    Improved the control of starting single map service for IS Manager
    Support for secondary development using Visual Studio 2010

SuperMap IS .NET 6 SP1

New Features

    New support for publishing WMS 1.3.0 web services
    New support for publishing WFS 1.1.0 web services
    New support for getting images via a proxy Handler in AjaxControl
    New support for starting/stopping a single service in ISManager
    New support for locking/unlocking layers in AjaxDemo
    New support for directly returning the stop nodes on the routes in bus analyst.
    New support for adding arrows to lines to signal directions on the client

New Improvements

    Enhanced support for OGC standards, including optimized support for WFS1.1.0
    Improved map editing functionality with better editing efficiency
    Improved bus analyst functionalities with better performance
    Enhanced functionalities for script control
    Improved efficiency in client-side marking and drawing
    Improved compatibility for client scripts with Ext and JQuery
    Improved efficiecy in dynamic map displaying

SuperMap IS .NET 6


Cross-site Access

    Control over Cross-site Map Service Access: New capability to control the cross-site access to SuperMap IS .NET map service by setting the control on or off in the web configuration file, which enhances the service security.
    AjaxScripts Cross-site Access: AjaxScripts map controls now support cross-site map service access, greatly increasing system usibility.

Smoother User Experience

    Optimized algorithms for multi-level intelligent cache. Precache, and dynamic cache increase the efficency of map image outputting.
    New types of geometric features including ellipses, elliptic arcs are supported in custom layers (CustomLayer) of AjaxScripts. Features with no number limit can be batch added to a custom layer, thus enabling a quicker response to the client request.

More Powerful GIS Analyses and Data Management Service

    Operations on workspaces, datasources, and datasets are supported over the Web, including getting workspace information, adding and deleting datasources and dataset, etc.
    More data analyses are offered in this version, including network analyses such as logistic vehicle routing(Logistics), allocation(Allocate), and upstream and downstream tracing(UpStream, DownStream), and raster analysis.

New Web Service Development

    SuperMap IS .NET offers AjaxHandler base class -- TileHandlerBase, which developers can extend at the Web tier to enable richer Web GIS services, including data sharing with third-pary services.

New Features

Product Editions and License

    SuperMap IS .NET 6 comes in two editions, the Enterprise Edition and the Stardard Edition, instead of the previous three editions the software was divided into based on the availability of the cluster and cache functions. The difference of these two editions lies mainly in the availability of certain functions such as advanced spatial analyses.
    SuperMap IS .NET 6 adopts a new licensing scheme, including new licenses and license configuration tool. SuperMap IS .NET 2008 users need to upgrade their licenses to the latest version.

SuperMap IS .NET SDK

    New types of geometric features including ellipses, elliptic arcs, and complex features are supported in custom layers (CustomLayer) of AjaxScripts.
    Map outputting performance of AjaxControls is optimized by supporting transparent PNG backgrounds in IE6.
    New support for AjaxScripts cross-site access.
    New AjaxHandler base class -- TileHandlerBase, which developers can extend to develop Web GIS services. Documenation on WFSTileHandler implemented by TileHandlerBase is offered.
    Server cluster redundancy settings are supported and client requests are to servers randomly. SuperMap Web SDK allows multiple cluster service address to be set at the same time and passes client requests to any cluster server randomly, to better handle the case of a failed server.
    New added TileCheckTime in MapControl of AjaxControl and AjaxScripts.

Map Service Core

    New support for Informix.
    Improved network cluster mechanism and new support for cluster-to-cluster reporting.
    New ability of complex filtering for WFS.
    New support for monitoring the change in workspace files.
    New support for outputting the images with transparent backgrounds.
    Supported accessing result images via absolute path, which is set in the weg.cofig file, as long as the web server and the GIS servers are on the same machine.
    New added JoinImage function to map cache setting in SuperMapIS.config file (joinImage, baseTileSize), enhanced the reutilization of cache maps.
    New support setting the useSimpleLayerName attribute of WMS service in web.config file to make one GET request contain more layers and to avoid the problems caused by some Chinese layer names which are not identified by the client.

GIS Function Service

    Enhanced and optimized interfaces for network analyses and new support for Logistics Vehicle Routing, Allocation, and Upstream and Downstream Tracing analyses.
    New support for opening, closing and refreshing datasources.
    New support for adjusting the transparency of raster layers.
    New support for creating default thematic maps for grid datasets.
    New support for specifying the priority (OnTopPriority) of being on top for each thematic map.
    New label placement rules (AutoAvoidPriority, AutoAvoidOverlapped) for label thematic maps, to avoid label overlapping by setting the priority for different placements.
    New added interface for defining the value range in isoline extracting.
    New support for preserving information on the centers and scales when switching between maps.
    New support for verifying BusLine, BusPoint, BusNetwork data using the BusNetworkManager to make sure the required fileds and their values are provided.
    New interfaces for operations on external tables, including ExternalTableOperatorResult, GetExternalTableNamesResult, GetFieldsResult, GetExternalTableFieldInfos, GetExternalTableNames, AddExternalTable, RemoveExternalTable, RegisterExternalTable, and UnRegisterExternalTable.
    New added ItemCaptions field in UniqueTheme.
    New added QueryByGeometry interface.
    New added returnFieldAliases field in Recordset.

New Samples

    New functions offered in the sample WinClientForm, including raster analysis, network analysis, bus transfer analysis, distance/area measurement, attribute query, etc.
    New AjaxScripts samples are offered, for GIS analyses such as spatial and attribute query, thematic mapping, spatial analysis, network analysis, etc.
    New AjaxControls samples for UniqueTheme, GridRangeTheme and Logistics are offered.
    New AjaxControls samples for making default theme are offered.
    New AjaxControls samples for Allocate, LocationsAllocate, GetBusSolution, OverlayAnalyst and RelQueryTableInfo.
    New AjaxControls samples for Aspect, Slope and viewshed analysis (CalculateViewShed).

Help Documentation

    New AjaxHandler API comments offered.
    Descriptions for the new AjaxScripts samples are provided, covering GIS analyses including spatial and attribute query, thematic mapping, spatial analysis, network analysis, etc.
    New documentation "Publishing and Using WCS Service", and updated documentation on other standard-compliant services such as WMS, WFS, KML, and GeoRSS.
    Updated documatation on cluster technology and ISManager.
    New documentation "Web image access via Absolute Path" added in the Technical Theme section of the Developer's Manual, which illustrates a new way to access images by setting in web.config.
    New documentation "Device Independent Caching"added in the Technical Theme section of the Developer's Manual, which describes how to set in the configuration file to output images independent of the device.
    New documentation "Developing LBS Applications with WebLib" added in "GettingStart SuperMap IS .NET" and in "SuperMap IS .NET Developer Manual" under "Getting Started->Getting Started with WebLib".
    New documentation "AjaxDemo -- AjaxControls Development Demo" added in "SuperMap IS .NET Manual".
    Improved documentation about the nodes descriptions in web.config file of web service under "Development Guide->Developing WebService->Web service configuration".
    Updated "List Of Attribute In Design From AjaxScripts Controls".
    Updated "SuperMap IS .NET 6 Installation Guide".
    Updated documentation "Multiple Level Intelligent Cache" in the Developer's Manual under "GIS Service Configuration and Management ->Technical Themes".
    New documentation "Parameters Supported for Web Service Component" in "SuperMap IS .NET Developer Manual" under "Developing Guide->Developing WebService->Summary".
    New documentation "Cross-domain Access" added in the Technical Theme section of the Developer's Manual.

System Configuration

    New support for Windows Server 2008.
    New support for IIS7.


SuperMap IS .NET SDK

    Optimized map output performance of AjaxControls and improved AjaxControls functionality with enhanced stability.
    Enhanced thematic mapping functionality of AjaxScripts.
    Better support for Opera, Safari, Google Chrome and other Browsers.
    Enhanced Multi-domain Access functionality of mapHandler in MapControl of AjaxScripts.

Map Service Core

    Improved cluster service with WCF.
    Enhanced cluster maintainability.
    Optimized map cache for server, and enhanced concurrency by reducing locks.
    Optimized output of cached map.
    Enhanced thematic map caching.
    Better output and display of thematic maps using external attributes.
    Improved map display quality after dynamic projection.
    Improved speed and performance of map output.
    Enhanced capability of highlighting results in network analyses.
    Enhanced map output and display ability when switching between maps.

GIS Function Service

    Enhanced and optimized interfaces for network analyses.
    Enhanced stability and usability of bus network modeling.
    Enhanced stability of query function.
    Improvements on extracting isolines, isoregions and other raster analyses.
    Enhanced query function to better work with data in longitude/latitude.
    Enhanced spatial query by attributes.
    Optimized path guide funcion in path analysis, enhanced usability and the contained information is richer.
    Optimized FindNearest function to return the results sorted by distance.

New Samples

    Enhanced and optimized Network analysis interface.

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