Service GIS

Development Platform for Customizing Web GIS Applications

SuperMap Service GIS is specially designed for setting up GIS servers to serve your data and share your GIS capabilities out via web in a fast, standard and reliable way. It also provides multiple SDKs for GIS developers and programmers to quickly customize their own Web GIS applications (B/S structure), including WebControls, AjaxControls, Scripts, Silverlight, Flex, etc.

The SuperMap Service GIS includes:

-SuperMap iServer Java Java Based Enterprise Service GIS
-SuperMap IS .NET  .NET Based Enterprise Service GIS
-SuperMap iClient   Web SDKs for customizing Rich Internet GIS Applications

What Can You Do with SuperMap Service GIS Products?

Integrating GIS Functionalities to Your Existing IT System Easily

Its easy to integrate GIS functions into other IT systems such as Management Information System (MIS), Office Automation System (OA) and Enterprise Resources Planning system (ERP) and Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition system (SCADA) for some specific industrial areas, such as the petroleum industry or power industry.

Customizing Web GIS Applications According to Your Needs Flexibly

With SuperMap Service GIS products, developers can develop web applications in various ways, including WebControls, AjaxControls, Scripts and WebLibs in .NET or Java environment. You only need to focus on your business logic and leave the GIS functionalities to SuperMap products.

Publishing the Value of Your Data Easily

SuperMap Service GIS products provide many sample codes, website templates and detailed manual documents. After installation only with a few configurations you can publish your maps made in SuperMap Desktop together with a lot of ready-to-use and professional GIS functionalities. Further you can customize the interfaces and functions to satisfy your specific needs.

Aggregating Data from Different Sources Conveniently

SuperMap Service GIS products support both publishing and consuming OGC standards services such as WMS, WFS, WCS and WFS-T as well as some other third party service standards like bing map. Services can be aggregated both on the client side and the server side conveniently with the Service Aggregator.


OGC Compliant

SuperMap iServer 6.1 has passed the OGC Compliance Testing and certified as "OGC Compliant" with WMS 1.3.0, WFS 1.0.0 and WCS 1.1.1.

Multi-tiers Service Aggregation

SuperMap Service GIS products support service aggregation both on the client side and server side. The client and the server can aggregate services published by third parties conveniently without much programming.

Managing Massive Data at Low Cost

With built-in SuperMap SDX+ technology - avoiding additional costs and middleware, you can manage your spatial data with Oracle, SQL server,Sybase, DB2, MySQL, Informix, etc. With the built-in SuperMap Image Tower (SIT) and Image Pyramid technique, no matter how large your imagery is, it can be displayed at any scale within a second.

Flexible Caching, High-Efficiency

The built-in Intelligent Client and Cache (IC&C) technology of SuperMap Service GIS support multi-level caching to optimize the efficiency of map service. Furthermore, some APIs are provided to allow you to customize your caching mechanism.

Hierarchical Clustering Technology

SuperMap Service GIS products support hierarchical clustering technology which makes the clustering more stable and the fault tolerance higher.

Web Services and SOA Architecture

SuperMap Service GIS has taken full advantage of Web Services and SOA to facilitate interoperability and heterogeneous integration and aggregation. Your Web services can be integrated by other systems.

Service Based, Component Structure

SuperMap Service GIS products adopt an open structure, and different components are divided and encapsulated at different levels according to different grain sizes. SuperMap Service GIS introduces the component development mode of C/S structure to the web service system development of different levels. It reduces the development difficulty of different level services.

Cross Platform, High Efficiency

The core of SuperMap iServer Java, developed based on Objects Java, is further based on UGC written in standard C/C++, thus it supports multiple operating systems such as Windows, Linux, IBM AIX and HP UX. The C++-based UGC core also contributes to high-efficient data access, map display and spatial analysis functions, and supports the manipulation and computation of complex spatial data.

Large-Volume Imagery Publishing

The increasing volume of imagery data is a great challenge for Web GIS applications. SuperMap iServer has optimized its core display engine for imagery to give you a head start in publishing terabytes of imagery.

Cross Middleware, Cross Browsers

The applications developed by SuperMap iServer Java can be deployed on all servers that support the Java EE standards, such as WebSphere, Weblogic, Tomcat, and JBoss. The clients, enabled by HTML and JavaScript, can access the Web applications through most industry standard browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Netscape.

Full Support for 64-bit Systems

SuperMap iServer Java fully supports 64-bit CPUs and operating systems.

Optimized Multi-Processing and Multi-Threading Strategy

Optimized multi-processing and multi-thread strategyare adopted to handle high concurrent accessing and reduce the response time.

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