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when you are shopping online, the browsing habits, shopping behavior and shopping ability have become a part of collected big data; when you are googling, the contents and habits will also be stored; when you use the social media, your language behavior and social preference will also be displayed.
Everyone is the creator and user of big data, let’s take a look how we are connected with big data.

Big data and map

Map is a very good platform to display big data, we can integrate most of big data into map as layer to display on map.

Shanghai stampede incident in 2015

Big data and enterprise

Enterprises have very specific needs for big data applications, which are increasing profits, proving working efficiency, decreasing expense. Simple data cannot meet those requirements, therefore, multiple linked data are needed.
In general, the following methods will make big data providing services to enterprises
1. Integrate multiple big data sources
2. Provide enterprise-level applications based on the integrated data, linking relevant models, algorithms and using professional technology to construct enterprise-level big data business geographic analysis service platform.

4 main services of Dituhui

Dituhui is the pioneer provider of online mapping service platform in GIS industry, providing 4 directions to help users to display, keep statistics, apply and analyze their relevant data.

1. Data resource platform service

Data resource service includes data source from 3 aspects: geographic spatial data, internet data and data from partners. Geographic spatial data mainly contains road network, community polygon, POI, administrative boundaries, etc. Internet data contains community location, year, price. Data from partners contain

2. Quick visualization statistics platform

Using traditional method to make a professional graph map is very complicated and professional, while Dituhui makes it simple and quick, as long as you choose your map template, import your data, you can make a graph map in 3 steps, which also supports sharing via social media and dynamic sharing to PPT or Word documents.
For massive data, besides displayed in dot map, Dituhui also supports massive map, cluster map, heat map, grid map, etc.

3. Enterprise data application and management

Besides map application like graph map, Dituhui also provides enterprise level data oriented applications and management, helping users to collect data, check working locations of salespersons and help managing chain corporate.
On the PC terminal, managing multiple dimension data though one map is realized, also massive points labeling, attribute editing and points managing are supported. Users can manage multiple layers(point, line, polygon) through the platform, also different users can coordinately work with different authorization level.

Successful case

4. Commercial analysis and application


Dituhui can import massive address information into the platform. Multiple precise analysis make the address data valuable for the users.

Business site selection

In big data era, site selection can be more scientific. Through GIS, the suitable business district can be chosen. The information in that business district can be collected, like industrial types, competition distribution, etc. If we have the data like people behavior, people route and purchase, we can then learn the purchase layer and ability so that choose a better site.
Based on the services and products mentioned above, Dituhui has been applied to chain corporations in multiple industries. Such as poverty sites for the people’s bank of China, business area division and order management for logistics companies, sales analysis and logistics dispatching for electronic applications companies.


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