New Features of SuperMap iDesktop 8C(2017) 2 December, 2016 SuperMap Software Press Releases

SuperMap GIS 8C(2017) was released in October, 2016, which has drawn a lot of attention from public. In this article, some new features will be introduced.

Good looking and self-adapt color band

SuperMap iDesktop 8C (2017) redesigned color solution manager to make beautiful and colorful map,. In the new manager, the color band can be classified by its usage, also 200 color bands with more colors and styles have been added. Supports functions like querying, copying, collecting on color bands.
More importantly, color solution can be self-adapt. For example, when creating a unique value map for administrative areas, click ‘color manager’, the software will automatically display the band color for ‘unique value map’. If you are not satisfied with the color band, you can choose in other categories or try query function.

‘Special effect’ in map

Switch to the color mode in map attribute, you can experience ‘special effect’ in map with one button. SuperMap iDesktop 8C(2017) provides 5 color modes including default color, black/white, grey, reverse black/white, reverse black/white (other colors remain the same) to realize ‘special effect’ with one button.

New multiple resource and sample maps

SuperMap iDesktop 8C(2017) updated a series of symbols, line and fill resource. ‘Thematic map’ has been divided into an isolated ribbon, making classification clearer and operation more convenient. It supports creating null unique value map and layer copying cross workspace, etc.
Meanwhile, we produced a new series of sample maps combining with new color solution and version features, for example, the tourism route map, graduated map, 3D rendering map and rainfall map. In addition, more qualified and beautiful sample maps will be provided, like 4D map, land use map, population economy map, etc.

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