Explore Earth with SuperMap Earth (1) 10 November, 2016 SuperMap Software Press Releases

The newly released SuperMap GIS 8C (2017) has drawn a lot of attention, one of its major functions is SuperMap Earth, which allows 3D data displaying.
Since it is constructed with SuperMap iClient3D for WebGL, SuperMap Earth supports cross platform, cross operation system, cross browser, . Using WebGL does not need to install software or pre-download mega data, besides, it has a more comprehensive support for browsers, even the simplified browsers are supported.

It can take you to any place you want to go, easily view different data likemap, satellite image, terrain, detailed model, oblique photogrammetry model, BIM, point cloud, etc.

Open any browser and input, then SuperMap Earth is opened.
Then try to view 3D data, we need to designate the service location first before rotating the earth, click the ‘add layer’ button in the setting menu.


Add layer

Then the window of designating service pops up:

Select service path

Other than loading the mentioned data services, SuperMap Earth also supports multiple online basemap services, click the button in the setting menu.
Then you can load local image, Bing map, Tianditu, OpenStreetMap, STK terrain.

Basemap setting

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