SuperMap Occupies the First Position in Chinese GIS Market in 2015 27 September, 2016 SuperMap Software Press Releases

On 26th September, along with China Market Intelligence Center (CMIC) has released ‘GIS Software Market Research Report’, which made a deep analysis and authoritative prediction on the GIS (Geographic Information System) software market in China. And they have made multi-dimensional analysis and competitive comparisons among Esri, SuperMap Software Co., Ltd., Zondy Cyber and GeoStar according to the main indicators of market share, branding, technology, service, expanding ability and internal operation.

According to the statistics of China Market Intelligence Center, the GIS software scale in 2015 has reached approximately 2.4 billion US dollars. Government application is still the main market for GIS software; Chinese-made GIS basic platform software enterprises have transcended in multiple aspects, merging has become an important method for enterprises to improve their competitiveness, service-oriented has become main direction for GIS software.

The report indicates that after 30 years of development, the agglomeration degree of GIS basic platform software industry has increased. The market is mainly occupied by Essri, SuperMap Software Co., Ltd., Zondy Cyber and GeoStar, which occupy 74% of the market in total. SuperMap Software Co., Ltd., as the most competitive enterprise in GIS basic platform industry, has occupied 31.6% of the market share, listed as No.1 in the Chinese market share. Esri occupies 29.0% of the market while Zondy Cyber and GeoStar are listed as No.3 and No. 4, which occupy 7.9% and 5.9 of Chinese market share.

It is worth mentioning that some old GIS platform brands like Intergraph and MapInfo have faded away from the market. While brands like Skyline, Givtech and EV-Image are booming along with the rise of 3D GIS, the 3 companies mentioned above occupy 5.3%, 2.0%, 1.2% of the market share in 2015.

With the rise of smart city, real estate registration, as the basic foundation support for industrial informatization and resource sharing, GIS platform software has developed rapidly. Currently, there are pilot smart city projects in over 500 cities in China. According to the statistics of, the investment scale of constructing smart city has reached 120 billon US dollars.

The initialization of real estate registration is another one of the most important industrial events in 2015. In March, 2015, the State Council has promulgated ‘Provisional Regulation for Real Estate Registration’, requiring the pilot run of information platform in the latter half year of 2015, completion of basic database in 2016, completion of information platform covering whole country in 2017. The initialization of real estate registration will open millions of market for GIS enterprises. Therefore, smart city and real estate registration will be the main directions for the development of GIS basic platform software in China.

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