SuperMap GIS with Electronic Navigational Chart 26 September, 2016 SuperMap Software Press Releases

Electronic Navigational Chart (ENC) is usually created by National Hydrographic Office, mainly used in Electronic Chart Display & Information System (ECDIS). ECDIS is the standard navigational chart system which meets the requirements of International Hydrographic Organization (IHO). ECDIS is based on the core of Information Technology, linking with equipment of positioning, measuring, distance calculation, radar, using ENC as basic data, comprehensively displaying the status of ships, providing professional tools like information query, distance measuring and sailing recording.
Electronic Navigational Chart has never fully merged with GIS, SuperMap has noticed the application of ENC in GIS area long time ago. To fulfill the needs of ENC, SuperMap has raised the technological plan of merging ENC to GIS platform, through making compatible with ENC standards, perfectly merging the ENC and GIS platform software, realizing the comprehensive management on water and land.
1 What can SuperMap ENC do?
ENC module in SuperMap GIS provides functions of unified ENC data management, data displaying and service distribution bases on S-52 standard. Through ENC module, the GIS spatial data and standard ENC data can be seamless integrated, making basic mapping data and ENC data being managed in one database, using ‘one-map’ method to display and utilize.

1.1 Unified Data Management
SuperMap chooses unified data model to save ENC data. SuperMap ENC engine can convert the ENC data created using S57 standard into ordinary vector layer data and still have the topological relation among ENC objects. If it is needed, ENC engine can also transfer vector data into ENC data file. The transferred ENC can not only be managed by GIS platform, but also can manage the data like other data, having the functions like importing, exporting, displaying, query and analysis.

1.2 Standardized Map Displaying

Standardized ENC must comply with IHO S-52 to render, S-52 as a standard set by IHO, has specified the ENC data displaying rule based on S-57. SuperMap ENC display engine has ensured the full support and cross-platform displaying effect of ENC.
SuperMap ENC engine not only supports the commonly used setting like displaying water depth, text, security label, also supports sub-layer management, user customization, letting users more conveniently configure and create more beautiful ‘Land & Water Map’. In addition, the ENC layer in SuperMap GIS is also a GIS layer, can be added like other layers.


1.3 Convenient Service Publishing

SuperMap iServer can publish ENC as map service. Through SuperMap iClient development kit, ENC can be embedded in the webpage or mobile terminals. Users can visit ENC without services, and can query the ENC information through API. By overlaying with other map layers, more complicated business functions have been generated.

1.4 Professional Data Manufacturing and Editing

SuperMap developed an editing software for ENC—SuperMap ENC Designer
SuperMap ENC Designer not only provides the functions like ENC data management, displaying, but also provides functions like objects labeling, data checking, fulfilling the diverse needs of ENC data management, production and manufacturing.
After converting ENC into vector data using ENC engine, the data can be edited as ordinary vector data, its basic functions are just like CAD mapping, after editing, can do S58 checking, ensuring the accuracy of ENC data. 

2. Direction for ENC technology
Through SuperMap GIS platform and ENC module, the land map and nautical map can be overlaid, realizing real-time vehicle monitoring, vessel route, and material storage. SuperMap iServer can send the status of the port and dispatching information to the users; realized querying information of vessels online; realized real-time monitoring locations of vessels and publishing of shipping information. 


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