SuperMap with Food Security Tracking System 14 September, 2016 SuperMap Software Press Releases

Food security is involved in multiple processes like manufacturing, packing, storing, selling. Any small problem in these processes could compromise the food quality. Therefore, it is urgent to set up a system which can monitor the process from crop to the final food on table.
Food security monitoring platform of Puyang city is such monitoring system which is built by Puyang food and Drug Administration, based on electronic administrative network, using Tianditu spatial data, developed using SuperMap iServer. It has set up a full-angle responsibility and tracking system.
Consumers can use mobile terminals or smart terminals to scan the ID of product, checking the information like manufacturer, product, and sellers. They can query the basic information of the restaurant by GIS system; can see the level of enterprise by map label, monitoring status and live-feed of the kitchen. Using GIS positioning function, users can keep statistics on the law enforcement officers in the area.

In the source tracking, for the unchecked goods, the system will automatically record information source, and send the information to cellphones of food security officers, helping the food security officers to make decision. Meanwhile, the mobile terminals can get the information of every food package, if they cannot find the source of the food, the shop will be fined. The relevant law enforcement can also track the origin of the suppler, making unqualified food vanished.


Law enforcement officer checking the information using mobile terminal

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