SuperMap Appoints RealworldEcho as Distributor 13 March, 2012 SuperMap Software Press Releases

SuperMap Software Co., Ltd. announced that RealworldEcho is appointed as the authorized exclusive distributor of SuperMap GIS products in Germany.

RealworldEcho is capable of creating actual integration of GIS and your corporate IT systems, and has carried out projects in various markets. Using their global team of skilled professionals, RealworldEcho provides customers with a wealth of knowledge and experience incorporating the latest developments in technology. Their mixed discipline teams comprising IT professionals, network engineers, geographers and project managers ensure successful customer project delivery. Their ability to manage production teams globally using large scale GIS database replication has been key to RealworlEcho¡¯s success. RealworldEcho offers the entire range of  SuperMap products. Each of products leverages the strength of SuperMap with powerful yet simple to administer and use GIS tools. For more information, visit

RealworldEcho GmbH
Address: Wilhelmstr.74, 53721 Siegburg, Germany
Phone: +49 2241 25772 0
Fax: +49 2241 25772 90

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