With the "Open and Cooperate" strategy, SuperMap has built up wide partnerships with more than 500 companies in various fields. The SuperMap Partner Network is designed to build a sustainable development ecological chain of the Geographic Information System (GIS) industry and is a global partner program opening to companies that are interested in improving their business in the GIS market. We expect and believe that all the members of the SuperMap Partner Network, including GIS platform providers, GIS application developers, GIS solution providers, system integrator, spatial data provider, hardware companies, consulting companies, educational and research organizations, and end users, will be benefit from open collaboration, resource sharing, Mutual Support, and any kinds of win-win cooperation.

As a GIS platform provider, SuperMap has provided more than 400 developers with GIS Development & Application Platform software and services. More than 120 universities and colleges have adopted SuperMap GIS for teaching. With over 5000 end users, SuperMap has become a leading provider of GIS software and services in Asia. SuperMap GIS has been widely applied by lots of government agencies, academies, and organizations in Asia, Europe and Africa.

Meanwhile, SuperMap has established strategic partnership with Microsoft, Oracle, Red Hat, HP, EPSON, and Trimble in different fields. We welcome more and more companies to cooperate with us and to provide better total solutions relating to GIS products and services to our shared customers.

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