Sales Management System for Heilongjiang Jiusan Oil & Fat Co., Ltd.

Heilongjiang Jiusan Oil & Fat Co., Ltd(JOFC) is an expert in soybeans. The company produces a variety of products from soybeans such as soybean oil (Grade 1), flakes, germs, isofavaone, and salad oil. Heilongjiang Jiusan Oil & Fat Co. also makes natural vitamin E, as well as soybean saponin, soybean mono-glyceride, soy tissue protein, and soy protein isolated. The company's soybean oil, salad oil, flakes, and germs are certified NON-GMO (non-genetically modified organism) products that have been tested by Hong Kong Dan Chips Limited. China Green Food Development Center has also certified its soybean oil and salad oil as green food.


Jiusan Oil & Fat Co., Ltd knows soybean very well, and develops lots of products from soybeans with undamaged protein and higher absorbing rate for feeding animals, but they have problems in deciding the prices of their soybean products, as the product price has a lot to do with the wholesaler address, sale ability, transportation means etc., also when transporting products, they need a accurate way to decide the transportation distances and the transportation expenses. To decide the prices in different places and transportation expenses, the decision-maker need to know the location factor well. Another problem also bothers the company leaders, that is, some wholesalers sell the products supplied by not specified suppliers but other discharge site or nearby wholesalers, so that they can get more profit, they call it transregional Sales, They need efficient way to supervise this situation, then they can take countermeasures.


JOFC problems can be solved by applying GIS, as location factor matters a lot in their issues. According to JOFC concerns, SuperMap experts developed a sale management system for them. In this system, users can find the most reasonable and economical transportation route and price, they just need to select the starting point (subsidiaries or wholesalers, etc.) and the end point, and choose to transport by highway or railway, then the system will calculate and show the optimal results for the users. The user can compare the prices of transporting by highway and railway; also the managers can decide the prices of transporting soybean products assisted by the system.

The system has a specific model to analyze the transregional Sales situation. The user can perform transregional Sales analysis to different discharge sites of the same wholesaler or different discharge sites of different wholesalers in the common management area, and different wholesalers in different management area. The system will show the sale price difference of starting point and end point selected, transportation prices of highway and railway, the possibility of transreginal sales in tables, and the possible transregional sales will be marked in red, unavailable transregional sales will be marked in green.

The decision-makers now can decide the prices of soybean products in different places in this system. Firstly, the sale prices of more thirty price base points should be input, and then the supply subsidiary should be selected, the system will analyze the original prices of price base points, and generate point unique value map for these prices, the size of the point indicates the original prices of this subsidiary. The attribute can also be displayed.

Besides, the user can query their interested enterprises in certain sales region, and identify the enterprises. Statistics can also be performed, so that the company can learn the sales turnover, average price etc. in one month or year.


Owning to GIS technologies, JOFC can now finalize the reasonable soybean products prices in different sale regions based on objective factors, and the transportation expenses paid by the customers are not controversial any more. The providers can find the most cost-effective way to transport products. Transregional Sales can be efficiently supervised and controlled, and also the visible map helps to make reasonable and well-informed decisions.

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