Garden Dynamic Information Monitoring System


In the recent years, Ankang garden construction develops rapidly, the information materials are very hard to acquire. The traditional management method is very hard to count the area of urban green land, the number of side trees, etc. In order to improve the management level of greenization, Ankang decided to implement dynamic information monitoring system project, setting the greenization dynamic information monitoring system.

2.Construction contents

Greenization mainly includes component query, modeling and application system construction.

2.1. Garden greenization component query and database setting

1) Greenization field attribute and area measuring
According to the requirements of field work, combining with the status of Ankang greenization, the categorized attributes of Ankang greenization elements have been investigated, with area of 29.7 square KM.
2) Database setting
Component data can be finalized into framing data collection results after processes of field collection, internal digitalization and graphic attributes , in order to meet the requirements of database setting standard, the checks of framing itself and edges of adjacent frames are needed, the component checking mainly include the following aspects:
Component layer checking
The component POI data should include three layers including point, line and polygon. The component layer is to check its completeness, delete its temporary layer, ensuring the completeness and cleanness of frame appendence.
Component position checking
Mainly to check the matching status of coordinates of internal collection and external collection.
Data loss checking
Combining with problems checking list to see if there is component loss.
Graphic recognition checking
To check the matching status of internal collection and field investigation or attribute confirmation.
Attribute information checking
Component attribute information has important value for field investigation, the checking of attribute information is needed.
Number of graphic and attribute records checking
The completeness of internal collection and results are corresponding, the loss problems should be solved before making into database.
Resource database storing
According to the component database structure, through appending dataset, making data into the final resource database.
Resource database thematic map construction
After basic database, component thematic database imported into database, setting thematic management map. Thematic map mainly includes: administrative planning map, neighborhood distribution map, grid network distribution map, urban management component distribution map, urban management component statistics, etc.

2.2. Garden greenization dynamic information monitoring system development

Garden greenization dynamic monitoring system is comprised of query sub-system, aiding decision sub-system, maintenance and operation sub-system, etc.   

3. System architecture

The system architecture is shown as below:
Figure 1 System framework
Figure 2  System deployment design

4. System functionality design

Ankang greenization dynamic information monitoring system is comprised of query sub-system, garden greenization dynamic aiding sub-system, maintenance & operation management sub-system.
Query sub-system: from logical structure can be divided into 8 modules, which are general introduction, park green land, affiliate green land, other green land, road greenization, trees, protection green land and green land production. From application types, the modules can be divided by query, positioning, statistics function.
Decision aiding sub-system: from logical structure, it can be divided into green land distribution, urban greenization, plant structure. The green land distribution mainly displays the distribution of green land, urban greenization mainly displays greenization indicator, plant structure can show the number and kinds of trees in the specific area.    
Maintenance & management sub-system: provides update and maintenance for system, supporting the smooth functioning of the system. the function module division is based on the front functionalities, combining with the same data type, forming the data editing function module.

5. Project features

5.1 from traditional management to digitalization management

Ankang garden greenization dynamic monitoring system provides convenient, detailed, accurate information on urban greenization planning, construction, management. The information database is a dynamic database, which requires greenization staff keep updating information on the database to make sure the accuracy of the database. Through a series of dynamic information transferring, like satellite, remote sensing, etc. to construct complete, systematic garden informatization monitoring system.

5.1. From traditional nutrition to scientific nutrition

After the construction of garden greenization dynamic information monitoring system, the garden management center analyzes various green land, road trees through comprehensive analysis, realizing improvement on efficiency and lower cost on maintenance, making green greenization facility nutrition.

5.2. From extensive management to detailed management

After the construction of garden greenization, the management mode, management process and methods have been innovated, through the using of garden greenization database and informatization monitoring, making management to detailed, shortening the data update span, using the customized terminal to realize integration, full process informatization management.


Garden greenization management informatization is an important way to improve urban greenization level and management efficiency. The construction of garden greenization realizes digitalization management, greenization management improvement to arrange the routine work like watering, fertilization and pest prevention, etc.

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