Statistics GIS

1. Introduction

Statistics informatization can fully use the data resources of different departments, improving statistics service ability. Statistics GIS platform is a good entrance. Jinan hi-tech statistics GIS platform was initiated in 2014, and put in practice in 2015.

2. Construction objectives

Connect processes of data collection, update maintenance, application analysis, etc., solving the problems of failure of acquiring social economic information in-time due to the district dispersion and immature mechanism. 
Data merging platform, improving the data sharing and exchange processes among different departments.
Economic data value digging based on GIS technology, aiding governmental departments to make economic management decision, making system as the publicity window.

3.  Construction contents

The statistics GIS mainly covers the following aspects:
3.1 Basic data processing and database setting
Set basic geographic database, including statistics partition with 8 street offices, 91 communities, 2,400 buildings; constructed 3D models of 2,400 buildings, main streets and facilities. Set enterprise comprehensive database, including 16,000 enterprises and 2,400 associated buildings, acquired by the investigation team with 192 personnel.
3.2 Application system development
Set economic and social query analysis decision making system in Hi-tech district, data update and merging management system, 3D spatial VR display system.
3.3 Spatial information displaying center
The center purchased the relevant hardware & software equipment, including data and application servers, firewall, computer, printer, VPN key, UPS, projectors, displaying screen, disk array, integrated KVM switch,  switch, PDU, etc.

4.System function

The system functions are shown as below:
Figure 1 System function designing
System interface is shown below:
Figure 2 System interface
Figure 3 System interface
Figure 4 3D displaying system of spatial information


1.Data sharing among different departments, setting detailed statistics GIS database, providing statistics data for more than 20 departments in hi-tech zone.
2 Sustainable data updating and management mechanism.  Set grid mode operation investigation mechanism with 190 statistics investigators and instructors, improving data management mechanism.
3. Information docking with industrial, tax departments, breaking the barriers of information in different departments
4 Enterprise data detailed management and query analysis. The system realized precise locating as well as economic indicators such as revenue, staff, tax, etc. to realize spatial analysis.
5. Statistics deep analysis and visualization displaying. Express the data analysis results through statistics map, table, thematic map, etc., improving readability of analysis results.
Figure 5 Various results visualization

6. Conclusion

The system has provided data information services for over 20 governmental departments such as security monitoring bureau, police, tax, development and reform bureau, science bureau, mainly used for data collection, data retrieval, analysis reports, and conference reports. The system is widely used in many industries with very good effects.

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