Drought Prediction Platform

China is a country with frequent droughts, every year there are more than 2,000 hectares of agriculture being compromised, which is 60% of the natural loss. Drought has the features of long lasting, wide influential, huge loss, etc.

1 Construction objectives

Drought alarming platform is designed for the core of drought monitoring, prediction, alarming, providing technical and information support for national and provincial drought business, providing scientific evidence for anti-drought.

2 Construction contents

The platform includes 7 sub-systems: drought monitoring (global monitoring), diagnosis, risk evaluation, pre-evaluation, prediction, alarming, etc.

3 Architecture

The architecture of the platform is shown as below
Figure 1 Architecture

4 Construction achievements 

4.1 Drought monitoring prediction model and standard library
The platform set more than 30 models and index of drought, evaluation and alarming, like waterfall distance percentage, comparative moist index, standardized waterfall index, soil moist index, meteorology drought index, etc.   
4.2 Drought prediction platform
The platform includes desktop and online terminals, realizing producing and displaying of drought monitoring, prediction, diagnosis, evaluation, pre-evaluation, alarming, risk analysis. Desktop is mainly positioned as business products production, which is developed based on SuperMap iDesktop extensible framework, integrating all the standards and models, allowing flexible product template, supporting automatic producing and exporting 7 classes and 127 sub-classes drought products. The network can conveniently query and view all kinds of drought products. 
Figure 2 Desktop terminal
Figure 3 Network terminal

5 Conclusion

The platform is customized using SuperMap GIS, through powerful cross-platform UGC kernel technology, quickly and stably realizing cutting style service running based on IBM Power chip, which is rare globally. In addition, using the innovated technologies like product template customizing, visualization modeling, automatic dispatching, etc. to realize standardization, automatic production of drought business products and supports extension and customization, improving the efficiency of production and the extensibility and flexibility.   

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