Petroleum Terminal 3D Emergency Management System

1 Introduction

The petroleum terminal 3D emergency management system is based on 3D virtual scene, through integrating multiple systems, realizing visualization of production, management of enterprise. The administrators can know the production status of the enterprise and facility status, following the entire production process. Meanwhile, through functions of simulation exercise, plan matching, disaster deduction, lowering the possibility of emergency, reducing the casualties and property loss. 

2 Construction objectives

Considering the needs of system resource management and emergency management, the platform realizes the geo-information and scene management, emergency resource management, drilling, production training, solving the problems of scattering of design process, equipment information, media information, emergency facility information, querying on paper material, inconvenience to dispatch.

3 Construction missions

The core platform of the system integrates various business data (including GIS data and business data), real-time rendering 3D model. The system missions can be categorized as data construction and application development, details as follow:
  • Database designing and construction
  • Basic geographic data processing
  • Data resource collection, organizing, processing, putting into database
  • Data service development
  • Application service development
  • Portal website construction
  • Application system development

4 Architecture designing

The system is designed using multi-layer architecture. The architecture is shown as below:
Figure 1 Architecture diagram
Architecture is divided as data layer, service layer, application layer and displaying layer. Data layer includes basic geographic data, vector data, image data, detailed 3D model data, business data, user role, etc. Service layer is based on SuperMap iServer, providing REST, OGC and other data application services. The application layer includes C/S and B/S systems, also SuperMap iDesktop provides the data maintenance function on geographic data. Displaying layer chooses C/S+B/S modes, realizing operations of data viewing and querying.

5 Function architecture

The system is comprised of 10 sub-systems: scene viewing, disaster management, emergency resource management, designing process, emergency management, simulation drill, safety production training, disaster deduction, interface management and system help. The architecture of the system is shown as below:
Figure 2 Function diagram
Figure 3 System interface

6 Conclusion

The system helps administrators and staff acquiring various kinds of data through real 3D scenes, knowing the equipment status and alarming, reducing the incidents. The emergency department can see and comprehend the distribution status of emergency resource and fire control equipment. In the meantime of updating emergency protocol and emergency equipment, the system provides interactive training on staff. Under the emergency situation, through displaying of 3D scene, the general situation can be quickly comprehended and the information can be acquired, emergency resource and mission can be dispatched, situation can be controlled.

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