City Sewage Management System

1 Introduction

With the development and applying of Internet of Things, the collection of terminal technology of grid status has been innovated, increasing the dynamic monitoring on sewage grid. The new and scientific sewage management and modes have been created.

2 Construction contents

Sewage management system includes the constructions of server, sewage grid monitoring equipment, database of pipeline and business, system software, finally a multi-channel sewage management system integrated with source, permission access, water quality control, sewage grid real-time monitoring, automatic controlling, alert, department linking, emergency operation, decision supporting has been created.
2.1 Data integration
The system integrates the basic basemap data of the city, 170 km vector data in 100 square km, sewage disposal plants, monitoring data and 2 water quality data from ports of COD/BOD, 3 water quality improvement stations, pipe fluid location monitoring real-time data, COD real-time data on monitoring stations, camera data, lake monitoring data, sewage information data, grid maintenance data, etc.
2.2  Monitoring equipment deployment
45 fluid location monitoring equipment are installed, 4 COD equipment are installed, realizing real-time monitoring.
2.3 Drainage monitoring room construction
Monitoring decoration, installation of electric equipment, lightning protection, fire control system, desk/chair, computer, projector, big screen displaying, touchable screen, etc.
2.4 Video surveillance construction
High-resolution camera configuration and data uploading.
2.5    Equipment purchase and installation
Hardware includes: 1 set of storage equipment, 2 sets of application servers, 1 external network server, 1 set of UPS equipment, 1 exchanger, 1 router and 2 sets of machine cabinet equipment.

3  System architecture

The architecture diagram is shown below.
Figure 1 System architecture
Sewage management system is comprised of 4 layers of basic infrastructure, basic software, application supporting, business application and management maintenance system, information system security, public service system. The 4 layers organically combine, interconnect and set different standard specifications and information management system, forming an organization and system architecture.
The business applications include drainage management sub-system, sewage grid management system sub-system, pump station management, sewage processing management sub-system, monitoring sub-system, planning and decision aiding sub-system, mobile patrol sub-system and maintenance sub-system.
Figure 2 System interface

4 Conclusion

The system fully uses the results of rain & sewage, using information technologies IoT, GIS, telecommunications, remote controlling, computer, etc., setting the full life span of city sewage processing, realizing 2D & 3D integration display of one map and real-time dynamic, process controlling of pollution point, grid network, pump station, processing plant. Emergency command of cross departments, multi-data alarming and aided decision, improving the sewage management level.

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