Community Policing Platform

With the acceleration of the process of public security informationization, the basic work content of community police has been extended from only understanding 4 knows of population (status of identity, reason of residence, date of stay, location of the original residence) under static environment to the full grasp of people, place, event, objects, organization under open environment. The collection and using of basic information has been extended from a single collection of information to comprehensive information analysis, from static information to dynamic information.
As the basic work contents of the community police have changed greatly, the community work need to be integrated with the construction and applying of informatization organically, fully explore the value and potential of information resources, comprehensively improve the level of community policing information management. Therefore, combining with the actual needs, ZhengZhou municipal public security bureau and SuperMap Software jointly developed this community policing platform based on SuperMap GIS.
System Interface
Based on 16.5 billion massive data collected by Zhengzhou municipal public security bureau, supported by cloud computing and big data, the platform organically integrated the basic data of community scattered in many platforms(such as floating population, real housing, key personnel) and more than 200 social information resources like social security, transportation, education, property, real estate, water, electricity, gas, etc. So far, the platform has pushed 640 million data to the community police in total.    

Thematic data
The seamless integration of community policing information in space, graphics and attributes association, helped the community police to monitor and control the important resources like community housing, population, vehicles, police, cases, key personnel, high-risk personnel in a timely manner, providing important technical support for real-time deployment of the community security forces, realizing comprehensive management analysis of police information within the community and rapid response scheduling.
Graphics and attributes association
The platform focused on strengthening the information collection, verification and using of people, houses, cars, fields, networks in the community, which has changed the previous working method of head record, book writing. Using this platform, the police could know much information within the jurisdiction like personnel, places, vehicles, trails by query on mobile terminal, checking the information directly, if the abnormality was found, the registration and investigation of population and place could be done within several seconds, realizing one police entering, multi-police use and the efficiency has been improved greatly. Through continuous check, update and sharing, the platform has accumulated accurate, real-time community data, which makes the platform like a live map?

Query population

1.   System Features

1.1.     Terminal applications for combat, suppressing crime space

The platform has synchronous verification function, which realized entry after collection, verification after entry. The platform can be docked with various types of public security data, for example, through docking with the fugitive database, the community police could do face to face verification during information collection, achieving from original background alarm, arrest under command to present background alarm, face to face arrest. Up to now, 177 criminal clues has been found through information collection and comparison, 106 cases were cracked, 3 online fugitives were caught red-handed, the number of criminal cases dropped by 33.6%.
Mobile information collection terminal

1.2  More complete basic information, realizing resource sharing

The mobile inputting terminal equipment used by the police to collect information could read ID card information, collect fingerprint, photo in the spot, update the floating population, security risks and other information at any time, and upload all the collected information to the cloud, realizing one collection, sharing within the network, promoting the community police information resources sharing, avoiding the repeated collection between different kinds of police, breaking the invisible information barriers between police.

1.3    Service for people in community, winning popular support   

Serving the people in the process of collecting information, realizing the change from people come to the door of the police to police take the initiative to serve the people.

2.   Conclusion

The development and deployment of the community policing platform comprehensively enhanced the level of community policing management, building a modern, three-dimensional social security prevention and control system. With the further application and promotion of the platform, the security information will be enriched further, increasing the working efficiency of the community police, enhancing the service level for the community residents.

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