Water Survey Results Query and Analysis System

Water survey is a major national investigation, is an important part of national resource investigation, is a fundamental investigation of basic water information. The objective of this project is to provide the massive data resources of water survey to the social public, research institutions and governments according to its transparency level and applying area, to ensure the significance of water survey and it鈥檚 application value.    

1 Construction Contents


1.1 Water survey results display and query sub-system

The front system of water survey results comprehensive query system is deployed at the water internal network. As the main interface for users to visit water survey results, through function integration and dispatching of back sub-system, this sub-system provides interactive water survey results query and analysis based on GIS, OLAP for users.

1.2 Spatial analysis sub-system

Develop spatial analysis sub-system in water survey results based on GIS tool and secondary development. The system supports location query and spatial measurement on hydrological spaital data and attribute data combing with hydrological working base map data. Realized GIS visulization of multi-dimension analysis results, allowing displaying statistics feature from different regions (administrative region, river, water resource partition, etc.), providing functions of exporting and mapping on spatial analysis results.

1.3 Multi-dimension analysis sub-system

Multi-dimension analysis mainly observes and compares from different aspects (spatial, temporal and other feature attributes) to have more comprehensive and deeper understanding on objects. The project developed water survey results multi-dimension front integration interface, dispatching back stage multi-dimensional model using OLAP. Multi analysis function, multi chart making and multi analysis results. Multi-dimension query, OLAP calculation and processing on the front end.   

2 System Architecture

Water survey results query and service system uses SOA (service-oriented architecture) and JavaEE technology according with unified architecture, unified standard requirements. The system architecture is comprised of computer network layer, hardware layer, data resource layer, business supporting layer and portal service layer, its architecture is shown below.
 System architecture
The sub-system of results displaying and query includes 4 main function modules: basic materials query, theme results query, statistics analysis query, spatial analysis results query, shown as below.
Results display and query architecture

3 System Interface

The survey results include sheet data, spatial data, picture data, document data, etc., according to the features and system interactive methods, system supports list displaying, sheet displaying, map displaying and all the charts and categorized navigation, letting system combine perfectly between simplicity and complication. System interface shown as below.
Water statistics on region

4 Conclusion

The construction of the system realized the sharing use of national water survey results and developed and use with premise of the security of data. Being deployed in the departments of hydrology and governmental internal network fulfilled the needs of different users from government, enterprises and organizations.

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