Real Estate GIS System

1 Introduction

Real estate GIS system is designed for the needs of real estate management, establishing the real estate information system with the core of building map, improving the ability of classification, integration, monitoring and analysis on basic information and dynamic information, basing on real estate GIS platform, relying on real estate transaction, real estate registration, advancing the construction of real estate information system and alarming system. Eventually maximally integrate and use all kinds of information resources, improving the level of information sharing and comprehensive management, quickly, precisely, completely provide all the mapping and real estate management services. 

2 Construction Objective

The system constructs real estate GIS comprehensive sharing platform, setting its corresponding database, applications and relevant standards, also upgrade hardware and set computer room and network structure.

3 System Architecture

According to the construction objective of real estate GIS project, the architecture of the system can be shown as below. System can be divided into 2 structures: Client/Server and Browser/Server. All the data can be stored into large relational database, the system can connect to C/S by application server, and can connect B/S and GIS server by middleware server. 
Client/Server structure is mainly used for the sub-systems like real estate GIS results management, real estate basic mapping, real estate project mapping, mapping result storage, data management software, etc. Browser/Server structure is the main structure for the system, which is used for real estate GIS management B/S system and external web GIS service system. Its structure is shown below:
System architecture
System interface

4 Major Achievement


4.1 Data achievement

Database for basic topographic map of 980 KMin the city, database of geocode and real estate investigation of 185,473 buildings, and associated with real estate property rights database, deleted 120,000 items of old property data; set basic attribute investigation and photo linking of 122,661 buildings; set temporal-spatial image database for 3 regions and 9 counties, processed 2,600km2 orthophotos in total.

4.2  Construction result of basic software and hardware

Upgraded and completed city center computer room, set 9 optical fibers to county real estate bureau, 6 optical fibers to other city bureaus to share GIS platform results. Purchased 2 sets of UAV systems and software of image processing, database and GIS, etc.

4.3 Application results

Project mapping software, real estate GIS results management system in the first period; basic mapping software, real estate GIS sharing service system in the second period.

4.4 Standard specification results

City GIS data standard, city building number standard, basic mapping amendment and mapping instruction, UAV operation instruction, remote sensing image database standard, etc.

5  Main features of the project


5.1 UAV aerial image, innovative data update and service mode

First one to set GIST (Geographic Information System Team) in building industry in China, which takes the task of collecting data using UAV, ensuring the quick update and sharing service of data.

5.2 Dual-coordinate management application under management building by map mode

Simultaneous sync storage of WGS84 coordinates and local coordinates, the location of house can be exported into third-party software or mobile device for precise navigation, which solved the problem of finding house after issuing the certificate in the rural areas. 

5.3 Housing service

The system supports erasing historical problematic data, starting investigating on the destructed house while not being removed in the system, preventing mortgage and transaction risk. The system also provides unit distribution map for China petroleum, financial institutions, especially for the property investigation of the reforming institutions.  

5.4 Housing investigation, database for housing image files

Housing investigation, updating the basic attributes of house, took 120,000 photos of house, set the database for shape file of housing.

5.5 Sharing service

The system provides sharing services for land resources, planning departments. Like illegal constructions investigation, monitoring images proving for environment protection, site selection for land resource bureau. More departments are discussing for further cooperation.

6 Conclusion

The system realized integration management on mapping, GIS, real estate property business, integration management on city, county, established quickly updated spatio-temporal image database, spatio-temporal archive database for housing, finally realized the seamlee integration between GIS system and real estate business system.

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