One Map Data Management System for City Land Resource Bureau

1    Introduction

With the development of Gold land project and 12th 5 year plan, city land resource bureau has made achievement on the informatization construction, also met the requirements of software, hardware and solid data foundation. In order to integrate current information system resources, expanding the application areas of land resource information, constructing application integration, resource sharing, interconnected One Map database management system, realizing digital management and manage land by map, city land resource bureau initialized One Map data management system.

2    Major Achievements

The major achievements are as follows:

1.     Set data standards and specifications
According to the main plan of One Map project, the system refers with current standards and specifications, develops the technical solution, data standards and database specifications for One Map data base construction.
2.     One Map core database
The system organizes and integrates all kinds of basic data and business data in city land resource bureau, forming the One Map core database.
3.     One Map core database
The system develops One Map data center data management system, realizing seamless jointing between city level and provincial level, exchange between data, storage, management, application and sharing of land resources.
4. Land investigation database management module
Set the land investigation database management module, realizing functions like managing, querying, analyzing, statistics on land data. 
5. Seamless integration with current business system of provincial bureaus
One Map data service access portal allows dispatching service portals, data portals of One Map data management system of Jiangxi province to do data exchange, avoiding duplication of data entry.

Data result

3    System Architecture

The system integrates various data source of land resources, realizing hierarchical displaying, querying and viewing, analysis and digging. One Map for land resource allows docking with the approving system based on e-government platform, comprehensive information monitoring platform and other applications, supporting land resource monitoring and aided decision making, providing external services. Meanwhile, set data exchange, long-term data update mechanism and relevant technical standard specification, improving One Map basic facilities.  Land and resource One Map is a combination of policies, mechanisms, data and management, technology, standards, and services. Its frame is shown below:

System architecture 

4    System Function Design

The system function diagram is shown below: 

System function diagram

Cadastre data statistics

5    Conclusion

The system is based on unified geospatial framework, coving basic data and professional data of basic space, land resource business, etc., realizing unified management and data sharing in the city, providing effective mode for digitalization management, manage land by map, providing data support for land resource planning, protection, developing, increasing the land resource management level.

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