Land Management

SuperMap Land Information System

SuperMap Land Information System is a comprehensive, award-winning land resource and e-business information platform integrated with OAS, GIS application system, publication system, customization and management.

System Components

The system consists of four primary parts: system management system (SMS), Office Automation System (OAS), GIS application system (GAS), survey and assessment system (SAS), Information Publication System (IPS).

System Structure


Multi-tier service structure, and the functionality of the system is broken down to three layers logically: presentation layer, application layer and data layer.

Component design. Different function components are provided according to the needs of business, and components cooperates with each other via interfaces to implement the system functionality.

Flow management mechanism. The system utilizes the technique and idea of workflow to manage land business.

Combines B/S structure with C/S structure.

Adopts RDBMS to manage spatial data, and best implements the integration and sharing between spatial and non-spatial data, different professional spatial data of land management.

Solves the issue of history land data management and back-tracing.

Integrated businesses: including integration of graphics and business, integration of operation manners, integration of accepting and handling, integration of data storage, integration of interfaces.

System Configuration

1. The suggested network and hardware configuration of SuperMap LIS is illustrated in the following figure:

In this suggested configuration, the network connection to and the hardware configuration of the attachment organizations of Land Resource Bureau are not included, and can be configured according to the real situation.

2. Software configuration

Software category
Selected software
System software Server Windows Server/Unix series
Workstation Windows 2000/XP/2003
Database management system SQL Server/Oracle/DB2/DM/Sybase
GIS software Data capture software SuperMap Survey
Data management software SuperMap Deskpro
Forepart software SuperMap Objects
Spatial information publication software SuperMap IS
Development software Visual Studio 6.0/Visual Studio .NET

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