Industry Solutions

SuperMapí»s professional expertise and leading-edge technology have been widely used in a variety of industries, and we are willing to share our experiences in different industries and fields. This section will show the design and functionality of a number of general information systems in different industries which are developed by different industry departments of SuperMap Software Co., Ltd. Please check back soon for new solutions.

SuperMap Land Information System

SuperMap Land Information System is a comprehensive, award-winning land resource and e-business information platform integrated with OAS, GIS application system, publication system, customization and management. ...more

SuperMap Public Service System

The SuperMap Public Service System is a web digital map public service solution with high feasibility, expansibility and integration, which is developed by SuperMap based on years of experience and expertise in building e-government system and public service system. ...more

SuperMap Social Economy Statistics System

SuperMap Social Economy Statistics geographic information system is a professional GIS solution in statistics industry which is developed based on years of experience in the statistics information system projects. ...more

SuperMap Real Estate Information System

SuperMap Real Estate Information System (SuperMap RIS) is developed by SuperMap Software Co., Ltd. cooperating with Hangzhou Real Estate Management Bureau. This system adopts SuperMap GIS product series, support multiple large-scale relational database such as Oracle, SQL Server, and server-side supports Windows/Unix/Linux operating systems. ...more

SuperMap Facility Management System

SuperMap Facility Management System is an application platform can be used in various facility resource management situations as well as facility resource information publication based on Internet, which is developed based on years of experience on facility management systems of multiple fields. This platform is built based on SuperMap GIS product series, takes fixed facility resource data models and application models in a variety of industries into account, at the same time, adopts distributed framework. ...more

SuperMap Digital Urban Management System

Together with the application and aggregation of various digital urban technologies, Digital Urban Management system combines unit grid management, urban facility management, and event management. The system reengineers the urban management process by establishing supervision center and command center. Hence, a whole time, full coverage urban management model that is high precision, flexible, excellent efficiency can be realized. ...more

SuperMap Municipality GIS

The modern municipality GIS is developing towards web, integration and 3D. Based on the rich and pioneer practice in China, Japan and Sweden, SuperMap developed the latest Municipality GIS Solutions based on our latest SuperMap GIS platforms. Furthermore, we customize it to meet the European Municipalities' challenges and requirements better. ...more

SuperMap Integrated Emergency Response Management System

SuperMap Integrated Emergency Response Management System (SIERMS) is based on integration of modern technologies such as Wireless Trunking System (WTS), Closed-circuit Television System (CCTV), Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), Geographic Information System (GIS) and Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), etc. ...more

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